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Avian Influenza Information

Waterfowl at the edge of a lake in Iowa.

In Iowa three state agencies are responsible for Avian Influenza planning.  The Iowa Department of Natural Resources plans for impacts to wildlife, natural resources and recreation in the state of Iowa.  The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship plans for impacts to Iowa's agriculture industry.  The Iowa Department of Public Health plans for the impacts of Avian Influenza on Iowans.

The highly-pathogenic avian influenza virus that emerged in Asia in 2003 has impacted a variety of animals including wild and domestic animals. While primarily wild birds and domestic poultry are the most susceptible to highly-pathogenic avian influenza virus, pet birds are also at risk of contracting Avian Influenza from wild birds, other infected pet birds, and contaminated bird related equipment.  In addition cats in Europe and Asia have contracted Avian Influenza by direct contact with infected birds. Other carnivores including dogs are believed to be at risk to contract Avian Influenza in the same way cats do.   


Avian Influenza Information
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