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Storm Lake with sky above and rock shore line at the bottom

Storm Lake Marina

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is working with boat hoist owners to remove and repair docks at the Storm Lake Marina. This web page provides resources to understand the process and provide information while the DNR works to transition marina operations.

To ask questions and to provide contact information to the DNR for ongoing updates at the Storm Lake Marina, please request correspondence via our form.

Storm Lake Marina -- Frequently Asked Questions

The current docks in the Storm Lake Marina have been evaluated by engineers and deemed unsafe. The docks pose a danger to people and need to be removed and replaced. Because of this, the private boat hoists need to be removed so dock replacement can begin.
A: The individual owner is required to move private property. When the hoist is placed in the designated storage location, owners should attach personal identification information to the hoist.
A: The updated deadline for removing private hoists is Friday, July 22, 2022.
A: If not removed by Friday, Jul 22, 2022, the hoist will be considered abandoned property and the owner will be responsible for all costs associated with removing it.
A: Hoists can be placed on the south side of the parking lot in the designated area. See the Storm Lake Marina Map for details.
A: The State of Iowa is not responsible for hoist removal. The DNR is working to identify a contractor and will provide that information to hoist owners after Monday, Jun 13, 2022.
A: Subject to the final design, the list of slip renters (84 total) will stay the same. Changes, such as dock and slip location, etc. may be necessary, but that is not known at this time.
A: At this point in time, the plan is to replace the docks.
A: An installation date for new docks is not known at this time, and is dependent on time frames for hiring a contractor. Slip renters will be kept up to date.
A: The DNR is working to find an operator as part of the rebuilding process.
A: The DNR is considering different options, but a final decision has not been made.
A: Updates will be provided on a regular basis to the slip renters, which is why providing current contact information is important on the Google form.