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Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCO) are licensed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources suggests that if you have a nuisance wildlife problem with your home, business or property; contact the NWCO nearest you. NWCO's are a private business, and are not an agent or employee of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Any person interested in becoming a Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO) can review the NWCO Manual/Guidebook to determine if he or she qualifies, based upon practical wildlife trapping experience or related education, training or coursework.

COVID-19 Exposure and Wildlife Handling Guidance

List of Currently licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators

NWCO Applications:

  1. Print a copy of the application form:
    NWCO New Applicants, Form # 542-8060
    NWCO New Applicants, Form # 542-8060

    NWCO Renewal Applicants, Form # 542-8061
    NWCO Renewal Applicants, Form # 542-8061
  2. Provide the completed form to the state conservation officer in the county you reside
  3. Do not submit the $25.00 fee at this time.

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators, Resources:

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