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Minor Source Emissions Inventory

Facilities not subject to the Title V Operating Permit Program are required to submit minor source emissions inventories once every three years. The State of Iowa is split into thirds (eastern, central, and western) to stagger the number of inventories reviewed and quality-assured in a given year. In addition, emissions inventories from all portable plants in Iowa are collected at the same time as the facilities which are located in the central third of Iowa.

Minor Source Emissions Inventory Submission Schedule

Section of the State Inventoried Emission Year Inventory Due
West (Field Office 3 and Field Office 4) 2023 May 15, 2024
East (Field Office 1 and Field Office 6) 2024 May 15, 2025
Central (Field Office 2 and Field Office 5) 2025 May 15, 2026

Minor Source Emissions Inventory Assistance

Iowa Department of Natural Resources
The following is a list of contacts within the Iowa DNR Air Quality Bureau who can be contacted for help in completing the Minor Source Emissions Inventory:

Iowa Waste Reduction Center
The Iowa Waste Reduction Center provides free training to facilities with less than 100 employees. Their contact information is as follows:

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