Animal Feeding Operations

Iowa has two types of animal feeding operations (AFOs) regulated under the Department of Natural Resources: confinements and open feedlots. See the AFO - General Overview for more about the two types of AFOs and state regulations that affect them.

AFO Rule Revision Draft Comment Period Extended Until October 21, 2022

As part of the 5 Year Rule Review process, DNR is seeking informal comment on proposed rule revisions to the animal feeding operation rules located in 567 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 65. 

The rule revisions will: 

  • reduce redundancies,
  • provide clarifications, and
  • remove outdated provisions.

As part of the rulemaking process, DNR is seeking informal comment on the proposed rule revisions. DNR will accept written comments until October 21, 2022. Written comments or questions regarding the proposed rule revisions should be submitted to Comments should be made to specific portions of the rules and at this time no revisions will be made to the Appendixes at the end of the chapter.

Following this informal comment period, DNR will review all comments and prepare a proposed draft rule for preclearance approval by the Governor’s Office. If the proposed rules receive preclearance approval, the formal rulemaking process will begin. The formal rulemaking process includes a Notice of Intended Action and a public comment period, with approvals from the Environmental Protection Commission and the Administrative Rules Review Committee.

Construction Permits Construction Permits

Confinement feeding operations that plan to build, modify or expand must meet state requirements for the new construction.

  AFO Forms AFO Forms

Forms for Animal Feeding Operations.

  AFO Resources and Regulations AFO Resources and Regulations

Resources and Regulations in regards to Animal Feeding Operations.

Confinements Confinements

Iowa's confinements are places where animals are kept in totally roofed operations.

  Dead Animal Disposal Dead Animal Disposal

Iowa regulations require that dead livestock be disposed of as soon as reasonable by composting, burying, incinerating, or rendering.

  Electronic Manure Management Plan (eMMP) Electronic Manure Mgmt Plan (eMMP)

This online application allows users to submit an MMP annual short form update, pay for a short form, and pay for a long form.

Open Lot Open Feedlots

Iowa’s open feedlots are places where animals are kept in unroofed or partially roofed areas.

  Animal Truck Washes Animal Truck Washes

Facilities that only wash livestock trucks or trailers and are not connected to public wastewater collection systems.

  Manure Application Manure Application

All manure applicators in Iowa must follow state laws when land applying manure.

Important dates to remember:

Jan. 1:
Manure Applicator Certification Education is available online (the previous year's education cannot be used to renew certification in this year).

Jan. 1 to Jan. 31:
County Construction Evaluation Resolution (Master Matrix) due.

Jan. 10:
Annual reports from facilities with NPDES permits due.

Feb. 1 to April 1:
Limitation on land applying liquid manure from confinement sites on frozen ground.

Mar. 1:
Commercial Manure Application Renewals due (annual).

Mar. 1:
Confinement Manure Application Renewals due (for renewal after certification expired 12/31 of the previous year).

Dec. 21 to April 1:
Limitation on land applying liquid manure from confinement sites on snow-covered ground.

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