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UST Release Reporting

Iowa law requires owners and operators of Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems to report a confirmed or suspected release of "regulated substances," which includes petroleum, to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) within 24 hours or within 6 hours if a hazardous condition exists [567 Iowa Administrative Code (IAC)—135.6 & Iowa Code section 455B.386]

Releases of petroleum from non-regulated sources such as heating oil tanks, aboveground storage tanks, and farm and residential tanks must also be reported to DNR within 6 hours if a hazardous condition exists.  To report a release, contact Emergency Response, the field office in the region where the release occurred, and the UST Section at the DNR central office.   

  1. DNR Spill Reporting (24 hour phone) 515-725-8694 or fax (515) 281-7229
  2. DNR Field Office Contacts
  3. UST Central Office: (work hours phone) 515-725-8200 or fax 515-725-8202