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Beverage Containers Control Law

Iowa's Beverage Containers Control Law, also known as the "Bottle Bill," helps reduce and clean up litter by recovering beverage containers for recycling.

Iowa's bottle bill deposit law covers all carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Consumers pay a five-cent deposit when purchasing a beverage container and receive a five-cent refund when returning the container to a store or redemption center.

2022 Rule Revisions

DNR is seeking informal comment on proposed rule revisions to the Beverage Container Control Rules located in 567 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 107. 

Notice of Intended Action (published 11/2/22)

The rule revisions are intended to:

  • Implement changes made to Iowa Code 455C due to the passage of SF 2378 
  • Provide clarifications
  • Remove outdated provisions.

DNR is no longer accepting public comments related to the proposed rules changes.

Redemption Center Registration

If you wish for your facility to be considered an approved redemption center after January 31, 2023 you must complete and submit the electronic application between January 1, 2023 and January 31, 2023.  The approval requirements no longer require minimum operating hours or agreements with dealers. Therefore, many facilities that were previously considered unapproved redemption centers may now wish to seek approval. Only approved redemption centers will appear in the directory of redemption centers that is provided to the public, dealers, and distributors/manufacturers.

Redemption Center Directory

The redemption centers have until January 31, 2023 to complete the approval process.  The Approved Redemption Center Directory will be updated frequently during this time.

Approved Redemption Center Directory