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Dolliver Memorial State Park

Dolliver Memorial State Park in northwest Iowa is unique for its natural bluffs and geological formations. Dolliver overlooks the Des Moines River Valley and spreads across 594 acres of flatlands and rugged trails. Highlights of the park include Boneyard Hollow, the Copperas Beds and historic Native American mounds. Take your time while venturing in this surprising park and try spotting some of the hidden surprises Dolliver has to offer.


Hike more than five miles of rugged trails, taking visitors to sites through forests and canyons. Winding trails lead to unique sandstone formations known as the Copperas Beds, named for the mineral deposits left behind from erosion of the stone. The trail continues through wooded areas into oak-covered hillsides and along hilltop prairies.

Explore Boneyard Hollow, a box canyon featuring rocky streams and beautiful cliff formations. Legend says the canyon is believed to be the spot where Native Americans from the Woodland Culture drove bison and deer off the cliff. Near the southeast end of the park, Native American mounds from the Woodland Culture were once used for ceremonial and burial purposes. Out of respect, please do not disturb or tread across the mounds.

Stay overnight in one of two family cabins or at the park’s campground. The cabins sleep four and are equipped with small refrigerators, cook-top stove, microwave and sink. The Dolliver Campground overlooks the Des Moines River and contains electric sites, a modern restroom and shower building, and dump station. One fourth of the campsites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and advance campsite and cabin reservations can be made online through the online reservation system for Dolliver Memorial State Park.

Reserve one of two day-use lodges or an open shelter at Dolliver. The South Lodge and Center Lodge are historical CCC structures known for their rustic architectural style. Both lodges and shelter can be reserved through the online reservation system for Dolliver Memorial State Park for large group events.

Dolliver Memorial State Park
2757 Dolliver Park Ave
Lehigh, IA 50557
Ph. 515-359-2539

Request to be notified when Dolliver Memorial State Park reopens: The campground and all facilities at Dolliver Memorial State Park are closed from August 1, 2024 - November 30, 2024 due to a road repaving project. If the project starts later or is completed earlier than expected, DNR can notify you that the closure will be removed for the campground, cabins, lodges and shelter. If you would like to be notified, fill out the following form, Dolliver Memorial State Park notification Google form. (Posted 9/7/2023 (Updated 6/11/2024))

To receive emergency alerts for Dolliver Memorial State Park, text "WebCoDolliver" to 67283. Text alerts will be sent when severe weather approaches or local emergencies impact the park. To opt out of alerts text "Stop" to 67283.


  • Historic sites
  • Hiking trails
  • Playground
  • Day-use lodges
  • Shelters
  • Modern restrooms
  • Showers
  • Family basic cabins
  • Group camp
  • Electric campsites
  • Tent-only campsites
  • Youth-group only campsites
  • Dump station