July / August 2017

Mt. Trashmore
Follow along as a city transforms a mountain of trash and flood debris into a peak outdoor destination.
By Karen Grimes  

Reach Out and Touch Someone
Whether you call these thorny seeds stick tights, cockleburs or beggar’s ticks, you’ve likely brought these hitchhiking burs home in clothing.
By Dan Magneson    Photos by Jake Zweibohmer

Top Trout Waters For Newbies
Beginner or rusty trout anglers take note. These are nine streams fisheries biologists say you need to visit (and bring your creel). 
By Shannon Hafner

The Quest for Iowa’s Fameflower
This endangered plant is found only in the midsection of the United States, and once documented at a northeast Iowa preserve, its presence is questionable. Photographing this beauty in bloom is difficult—it only flowers for one day in late afternoon.
Story and Photos by Brian Gibbs  

Outdoor Skills
Learn easy precooked camp meals, how to buy new binoculars, discover the best camp cooking pot and a secret way to sharpen a knife using your trusty morning coffee mug.

Extreme southwest Iowa is the place to be Aug. 21 to best view a total solar eclipse—the first in almost four decades. And discover why cyclists relish the wonderful Loess Hills’ Wabash Trace Nature Trail.

Lost in Iowa
Visit one of the best kept secrets in the state park system—Tama County’s Union Grove State Park.

My Backyard
Learn to quench the thirst of important backyard pollinators and discover what you put on your yard, driveway or send down the drain impacts local waters.

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