Iowa Outdoors Magazine

Summer 2022

Treetop Dance
Out to photograph birds, Barbara Briggs ended up capturing a rare glimpse into the mating ritual of the western fox snake high above ground in an old cottonwood tree.
Story by Brian Button, Photos by Barbara Briggs

Park Expedition
Inspired to hike every Iowa State Park, come along as writer Janet Johnson shares her journey, and along the way, puts 8,000 miles on her car to accomplish the feat.
Story and Photos by Janet Johnson

School of the Wild
See how this nature-based school week in Iowa's state and county parks benefits childhood growth and yields lifelong memories for youth - even teachers.
Story by Lois J. Gray

Nature Empowers
Anyone can be intimidated trying outdoor activities. For women, that can feel even more so. Fortunately, women-led programs help bring sisters, daughters and spouses outdoors. Discover these empowering stories shared by women on their exciting outdoor journeys.
Story by Shannon Hafner

Land of Plenty Wasted
Mention landfills and most people envision diapers or plastic bags, but here's some food for thought - think about what didn't go into our mouths, because in Iowa landfills - food waste takes the cake.
Story by Brian Button

Outdoor Skills
Learn to stay river safe, easily figure out how far away lightning is, get quick-fix tips for broken boot laces and learn to save your skin.

Wishing upon that first star at night is usually wishing on a planet. Learn a seriously easy trick to find Sirius-brightest star in the sky- and how it relates to the dog days of summer

Lost in Iowa
Majestic and rugged Backbone State Park continues to attract visitors and provides adventures for all that explore its beauty. See why climbers like it, too.

Admiration & Legacy
Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat in Clinton County fulfills a dream for a place of spiritual renewal by a prayerful monk and visionary nuns' devotion to "care of Earth."

Flora and Fauna
The meadowlark-iconic mascot of grasslands-needs some help to rebound its numbers. See how to keep it cheery summer song around.


Editorial Mission

We strive to open the door to the beauty and uniqueness of Iowa's natural resources, inspire people to get outside and experience Iowa and to motivate outdoor-minded citizens to understand and care for our natural resources.

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