Fall 2019

Karst Wonderland
Northeast Iowa’s karst topography of caves, springs and sinkholes create underground rivers, coldwater trout streams and a landscape where surface runoff can vanish to reappear miles away in a different valley. Go afield as researchers work to better understand the amazing hydrology in this beautiful landscape. 
Story by Karen Grimes

A Photogs Eye for Palisades-Kepler
Learn why sometimes a black and white photo does justice for fall color as this local photographer studies the progression of colors in a state park that boasts thousands of years of human history. 
Story and Photos by David Glandon

Urban Prairie 
Beautiful and pleasing—and over time, less maintenance for property managers—discover why eye-catching urban prairie also helps reduce local flooding. 
Story by Karen Grimes

Hike Effigy Mounds 
Effigy Mounds National Monument holds one of the greatest clusters of ceremonial and burial mounds in America. Its 207 mounds—constructed 2,500 to 850 years ago—inspire visitors. Make a magical fall hike adjacent the most scenic stretch of the Mississippi River and its rugged, forested bluffs full of life.
Story and Photos by Brian Gibbs

Rascal Roundup 
Go pondside with DNR wildlife biologists conducting a special study of urban Canada geese. With new tracking technology, biologists receive data every 15 minutes—for up to two years—to pinpoint exact -goose locations and movements over time. 
Story and Photos by Haley Knudsen

Outdoor Skills
Master fall photography tricks to make your photos pop, enjoy autumn like never before with tips for first time and rusty campers and discover the comfort, warmth and safety benefits of floatation jackets.  

Explore Iowa’s newest, rugged trail—the 8-mile Brent’s Trail in the Loess Hills. Help the DNR and meet outdoor buffs on State Parks Volunteer Day. Relax campside with a new book of bird stories and use a powerful free app or website to identify bugs, plants and more. Unwind at Honey Creek Resort’s Oktoberfest and bluegrass festival.

Lost in Iowa
Explore eight fall color hotspots in Western Iowa

My Backyard 
Learn the instant and ongoing benefits of memorial tree plantings to leave a living legacy for loved ones. 

Flora and Fauna
Once roaming from the East Coast, Deep South and across Iowa to the West, the American bison is truly an icon back from the brink with help from some Iowans.


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