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Spring 2024

Morel Mishaps
A life of morel hunting mishaps, mayhew and mistakes make for a fun read in this madcap recount from a humble, highly astute fungi fanatic.
Story by Dave Layton

Fishing Forecast
Prepare the kitchen - a spring fishing feast awaits! See where to hook into watery, savory wonders and sink your teeth into some of Iowa's best flavors while making memories with friends.
Story by Shannon Hafner and a fishy boatload of professional DNR fisheries biologists

Follow Frequent Flyers
New monitoring in  Iowa and North, Central and South America yield insight into migrations of birds and animals in real time. See how one flew from western Montana to Cedar Falls, then 5,000 miles to Paraguay. Follow its spring return flight online.
Story by Mick Klemesrud, Brian Button

Prairie Winds
WIth each word carefully chosen, read these works slowly to underscore the importance of every phrase. A poem cannot be read too slowly, especially for nature-inspired works.
Poem by Joe Michaud, Photos by Eric Burson, Ron Maggard, Carson Galloway and Eric Williamson

The Last Dance
Time spent outdoors with young sons finding mushrooms and wildflowers is capped off with a magnificient will turkey taken by bow. Experience the vivid, descriptive writing of this frequent Iowa Outdoors contributor and book author.
Story and Photos by Eyad Yehyawi

Preserving the Fen
Layers of peat and organic matter from over 200 plant species built this area higher than its surroundings. Fens are wet areas and extremely rare in Iowa. A unique gem, the spongy ground and native plants here thrive despite past attempts to kill it.
Story by Rebecca L Kauten, PhD

Do opossums really suck up local blood-sucking ticks like hungry vacuum cleaners?

Get off your lonely solitary screens for in-depth awesomeness with actural humans! Egads! We've got fun learning to meet real friends to like in person with seminars on purple martins and the wonders of insects.

Lost in Iowa
Whiterock Conservancy boasts not only Cold War-era history, but dark sky campsites to star gaze, trails thru wildflowers, deep woodlands and savannah, fishing and paddling that showcase how sustainable agriculture is a visitor's paradise. You can even bring your horse.

My Backyard
Discover the beauty, astonishing size and amazing daily life challenges of the big, beautiful Polyphemus moth.

Flora and Fauna
The Iowa-endangered short-eared owl is our only ground-nesting owl and one of Earth's most widespread, long range flyers. Learn how to help it flourish again in Iowa's skies.

Conservation Update
Celebrate 150 years of Iowa fisheries conservation, science and management that restored fishing - better than ever. Learn about wildfire smoke impacts on air quality and how to help still-struggling monarchs.

Notes from the Field
"You can check out anytime but you can't ever leave" as sewage from this motel creeps above-ground into a creek. No smell of "colitas rising up from the air" here.

Editorial Mission

We strive to open the door to the beauty and uniqueness of Iowa's natural resources, inspire people to get outside and experience Iowa and to motivate outdoor-minded citizens to understand and care for our natural resources.

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