Iowa Outdoors Magazine

Spring 2023

Fish Revival
Get hooked after labor, effort and sweat revamps, upgrades and improves two dozen fishing spots where angling, habitat and access is better than ever.
Story by Shannon Hafner

Marvelous Massasauga
Go afield as researchers search for a rare snake to learn more about the shy, Iowa-endangered massasauga rattlesnake which holds on here in just two locations. 
Story and Photos by Mick Klemesrud

Wondrous Wildflowers
Get the low-down with this photographer as he crawls on his belly to capture stunning spring wildflower images at Brushy Creek State Preserve in Fayette County. 
Story and Photos by Kip Ladage

Paddle in Circles
Iowa’s first water trail, est. 2007, is also our only loop trail. No need for shuttling vehicles here, but you will portage—carrying canoe or kayak—from lake-to-lake-to-river to start where you began. Adventure awaits. Come test your mettle. 
Story by Brian Button

Free Bird Falcon
In 1958, his childhood goal to have a peregrine falcon was impossible—they faced extinction. Recently his desire was realized. For this falconer, releasing his trained peregrine back into freedom was a dream come full-circle.
Story and Photos by Lowell Washburn

Vanishing Gobbler
A turkey with Houdini-like escape skills makes for an interesting, riddling chase on this eastern Iowa bowhunt. 
Story and Photos by Eyad H. Yehyawi

Twister Damage
A tornado fumed and pummeled Pammel State Park, but resilience and renewal are the real story here.  
Story by Brian Button

Outdoor Skills
Paddle safe this spring, learn to respool your reel correctly, keep clothes free of human scent and learn to sprout your own patch of useful willow. 

Dolliver Memorial State Park is famous for spring wildflowers, geology and more. Plus you can see two seasons in one day in its deep ravines where snow may linger.  

Lost in Iowa
See why Anderson Prairie State Preserve is likely the most vibrant, teeming-with-life bit of land in Emmet County. 

My Backyard
A new book helps identify Iowa snakes and lizards and their natural history. Join up with birders to celebrate a 100-year anniversary, volunteer to help monitor bee populations and put down deep roots to help pollinators and beautify your yard.

Flora and Fauna
See why invasive oriental bittersweet is the greatest threat to Iowa woodlands.

Wild Cuisine
Consumed for thousands of years for its taste, nutrition and anti-inflammatory properties, put the bite on stinging nettle with this delicate, delicious spring soup. 

Picture Perfect
It took years to capture this image of a bird’s exhaled breath. Find out what makes avian lungs so special. 

Notes from the Field
Get a different look at the impacts of spring cleaning and how to lessen your impact for your local landfill.

Editorial Mission

We strive to open the door to the beauty and uniqueness of Iowa's natural resources, inspire people to get outside and experience Iowa and to motivate outdoor-minded citizens to understand and care for our natural resources.

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