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Operation releaf, loading trees into trucks

DNR Residential Tree Distribution Program

The Iowa DNR, through a partnership with Alliant Energy, is excited to offer private residents the opportunity to buy landscape-sized trees at an extreme discount. Trees provide a myriad of benefits to homeowners including reduced home heating and cooling costs, decreased stormwater, shade for outdoor activities, higher home values, and enhanced beauty.

For more information, contact Shaila Claibourn, Urban and Community Forestry Technician, at 515-380-8876 or

Find resources and information about selecting, planting, and maintaining trees in the urban landscape on Iowa DNR Urban Forestry Resources and Links.

Order Requirements

Customers can purchase no more than 2 trees per private property. If multiple properties are owned by a single individual, two trees can be purchased by property. Each unique property address must be listed on the order form. Please bring your confirmation email showing species and locations purchased to the event.

Customers must pick up their tree(s) during the event time listed. Trees that are not picked up will be forfeited to the local partner organization. No warranty is offered on these trees. If trees remain unsold by the event date, the unsold trees will be offered for sale towards the end of the event.

Tree Species Available

Each event will only offer a few of these species. After selecting your location on the order form, only the species available at that location will be listed. As trees sell out, the order form will update to only list available species.

Large Shade Trees

Ornamental & Fruit Trees


Find resources and information about selecting, planting, and maintaining trees in the landscape on the Iowa DNR Urban Forestry Resources and Links webpage.


Event Locations

Alliant Energy’s One Million Trees initiative helps plant more than one million trees - one tree for each utility customer - by the end of 2030.

Alliant Energy customers can purchase up to two trees per planting address at $25 per tree.

Tree pick-up dates and locations will be posted here in February 2024.