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Public Water Supply Construction Permits

NOTE: We are receiving construction permit applications, plans, specifications, and other engineering documents submitted electronically. Electronic submissions are encouraged as it will minimize steps and lag time in our project intake process. Electronic signatures are acceptable and original signatures are not required, until further notice. Please contact Taroon Bidar at if you have questions about electronic submittal.

  • New Applications: Submit all new water supply construction permit applications, including plans and specifications, to this email address (note the hyphen): Please note: construction permit application schedules must be sent as pdf attachments. Plans and specs under 25 MB may be sent as pdf attachments. For plans and specs larger than 25 MB, send as zip files or use other options for submission. Submit the construction permit fee using one of the options listed below. You do not need to mail in hard copies of other schedules or plans and specs. 
  • Projects With Previously Assigned Project Manager: Email all documents directly to the project manager if you are already working with one on a project: engineering reports, construction permit applications including plans and specifications, addenda, and change orders. If you’re unsure of the project manager, ask or

Electronic Fee Payment:

Navigate to and choose “Pay Water Supply Construction Permit Fees”. Complete the electronic form and follow the on-screen instructions to submit payment. Payments can be made using a credit card or electronic check. All payments will include a $1.50 processing fee, and credit card payments will include an additional 2.5% processing fee. 

Submit the payment confirmation email with the construction permit application.

Water Supply Construction Permit Online Fee Portal User Guide

Check Payment By Mail:

Mail the water supply construction permit fee check and a copy of schedule 1c (form 542-3179) to the following address: 

Iowa DNR, Attn: Water Supply Engineering Section, 6200 Park Ave Ste 200, Des Moines, IA 50321-1371

Checks not accompanied by a schedule 1c form will be returned.

Pay Water Supply Construction Permit Fee Online

Construction Standards for Public Water Supplies

The construction standards for a project at a public water supply are the Ten States Standards as adopted through 2012, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standards as adopted through 2016, and 567 of the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) subrules 43.3(7) to 43.3(9). To the extent of any conflict between the Ten States Standards and the American Water Works Association Standards and IAC 567--43.3(7) to 567--43.3(9), the Ten States Standards, IAC 567--43.3(2), and IAC 567--43.3(7) to 43.3(9) shall prevail.

Permit Description

A public water supply construction permit must be obtained from the Iowa DNR prior to the construction or modification of any source, treatment, storage, or distribution system of a public water supply system. To obtain a construction permit, the following must be submitted to the Iowa DNR Water Supply Engineering Section: the project's plans and specifications, the applicable construction permit application schedules, and the appropriate permit fee. A fact sheet is available to assist in determining when a construction permit must be obtained: DNR Water Supply Construction Permitting Fact Sheet.

Construction Permit Database

The Water/Wastewater Information System and Records Database, called W/Wisard, is an online database that provides public access to information related to past and ongoing water supply and wastewater construction projects. Project searches can be conducted utilizing a number of criteria, such as projects for a specific facility. Use this button to access the construction permit database:

W/Wisard - Water/Wastewater Information System and Records Database

What to Submit?

All applications for a construction permit must include the following three items:

In addition, the other forms (Schedules 2a through 16d) are required based upon the nature of the project (e.g., water mains, well construction, chemical feed, etc.).  The Water Supply Service Agreement form is required for all projects where the applicant is someone other than the supplier of the water.

Once the project is completed, the Notification of Completion of Construction form or postcard that is supplied with the permit must be submitted to indicate the project was completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

Construction permit application forms and schedules:

Form Number Form
542-3121 Water Supply Service Agreement
542-3178 Schedule 1a, General Information
542-3151 Schedule 1b, Minor Water Main Construction Permit
542-3179 Schedule 1c, Fee Calculation
542-3030 Schedule 2a, Water Mains - General
542-3031 Schedule 2b, Water Mains - Specifications
542-3152 Schedule 2c, Notification of Minor Water Main Construction
542-3032 Schedule 3a, Water System's Preliminary Data
542-3029 Schedule 3b, Source Information
542-3028 Schedule 3c, Water Quality Data
542-3078 Schedule 4, Site Approval
542-3027 Schedule 5a, Well Construction
542-3026 Schedule 5b, Well Appurtenances
542-3077 Schedule 5c, Well Profile
542-3139 Schedule 5d, Surface Water Supply
542-3140 Schedule 6a, Distribution Water Storage Facilities
542-3142 Schedule 7, Schematic Flow Diagram
542-3143 Schedule 8, Aeration
542-3144 Schedule 9, Clarification
542-3145 Schedule 10, Suspended Solids Contact
542-3146 Schedule 11, Ion Exchange
542-3147 Schedule 12, Filters
542-3241 Schedule 13a, Chemical Addition
542-3130 Schedule 13b, Dry Chemical Addition
542-3131 Schedule 13c, Gas Chlorination
542-3132 Schedule 13d, Fluoridation
542-3133 Schedule 13e, Sampling and Testing
542-3134 Schedule 14, Pumping Station
542-3135 Schedule 15, Process Water Storage Facilities
542-3136 Schedule 16a, Wastewater General
542-3137 Schedule 16b, Waste Treatment Ponds
542-3138 Schedule 16c, Filtration and Mechanical
542-3103 Schedule 16d, Discharge to Sewer
542-3019 Notification of Completion of Construction
542-1258 Petition for Waiver

Staff Contacts

Source, Treatment, and Treatment Plants
Taroon V. Bidar, P.E., Senior Environmental Engineer
phone: 515-725-0278

Corrosion Control, Chemical Feed, & Operations:
Bob Campbell, P.E., Senior Environmental Engineer
phone: 515-805-4523

Distribution System:
Tara Naber, P.E., Senior Environmental Engineer
phone: 515-776-8922

Two pressure filters

Additional Resources:

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