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REAP Assemblies

Meetings held 6:30-8:00 PM

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REAP Assemblies are locally led public meetings at which information is given out and ideas are taken in by the attending state officials. The REAP law requires the following things happen at each assembly:

  • The DNR provides those attending with information regarding REAP expenditures. The overall REAP budget is presented and projects in the region are listed that have been funded with REAP dollars.
  • People attending the assemblies shall identify opportunities for regional REAP projects. Examples that have frequently come up are trails, river corridor protection, wetland restoration, soil erosion prevention, conservation education, and resource inventories.
  • People attending the assemblies shall also review and recommend changes to REAP policies, programs, and funding. This is the portion of the meeting that people speak out on anything they want regarding the inner workings of REAP.
  • And last but not least, the people at the assemblies are responsible for electing five individuals to serve on the REAP Congress. In addition to the five delegates, 2 other people are elected as alternates to the delegates. In the event that one of the delegates cannot attend the Congress, an alternate fills that spot.

REAP Regional Assemblies 2019

During the November and December 2019, 18 Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) Assemblies were conducted throughout Iowa.The REAP Assemblies are required, per Iowa Code Chapter 455A.17, to be conducted on odd numbered years to provide attendees with information about REAP expenditures, ask attendees to identify opportunities or changes in policy, programs or funding, vote on motions for the five elected delegates per region to vote on at REAP Congress.611 Iowans participated in the 2019 REAP Assemblies.In addition to electing delegates, the participants made 77 motions that will be forwarded to the REAP Congress for consideration on January 4, 2020.

Recommendations from the 2019 Assemblies

Past Assembly Reports

Recommendations from the 2017 Assemblies

Recommendations from the 2015 Assemblies

Recommendations from the 2013 Assemblies

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