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Wild turkey and a white-tailed deer

Nonresident Application Process - FAQ

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+ When are applications being taken?
+ How do I apply for a tag?
+ How much are preference points & how do I apply?
+ What do I need to purchase when I apply online?
+ What is the total cost to apply?
+ Is the application cost the same for under 18?
+ What if I already have my license & habitat fee?
+ I’m disabled; do I get a free license?
+ Do I need hunter safety at time of application?
+ Who is required to have hunter safety?
+ May I apply for more than one season or zone?
+ How do I apply in a group?
+ If apply as a group, how are points calculated?
+ How & when will I be notified if successful?
+ If I’m successful, when will I get my license?
+ If not successful w/draw, are there refunds?
+ When can I purchase/apply for a preference pt?
+ How many preference points do I have?
+ Do preference points expire?
+ Is party hunting allowed?
+ If I own land in Iowa, do I still have to apply?
+ What are my odds of being drawn the first year?
+ When are preference points removed?
+ I wasn't successful, now what are my options?
+ If I go w/ an outfitter, am I guaranteed a tag?
+ Do you have a list of outfitters in Iowa?