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Regional Collection Center (RCC) Establishment Grant Program

Regional Collection Centers (RCCs) are permanent collection facilities designed to assist households and conditionally exempt small quantity generator businesses with proper management and disposal of hazardous waste, provide a materials exchange (Swap Shop) for usable products, and work to educate Iowans in proper purchasing, use, storage and disposal of household hazardous materials.

Currently, 28 main RCCs and 43 satellite facilities serve 96 counties in Iowa which provide a variety of programs and services, including daily access to a hazardous material drop-off site.

If your county does not have an RCC, talk to your local county, city officials, board of Supervisors, or solid waste agency about establishing one in your area.

DNR personnel are available to present to your group or organization on both Household Hazardous Materials and establishing a Regional Collection Center.  To schedule a presentation, contact Kathleen Hennings at or call 515-229-6692.

Eligible applicants (local governments or private agencies representing local governments) may submit applications for an initial $25,000.00 grant with no match requirement. Applicants seeking grants over $25,000.00 will be required to provide a 50/50 match for any amount over $25,000.00.

The establishment grant application will cover requests for the following projects:

    • Adding a permanent structure/satellite facility to a “mobile only” county;
    • Converting an existing satellite facility to a main RCC; or,
    • Establishing an RCC program in an area which has never had RCC services.

If interested in establishing a Regional Collection Center, please contract Kathleen Hennings at or call 515-229-6692 for the most current grant application.

RCC Innovation / Improvement Grant

The purpose of this application is to provide existing Regional Collection Center main and satellite facilities a more appropriate application in which to competitively request grant funds. These grants can be used to improve RCC and satellite facility structures or operational efficiencies. RCC’s are encouraged to utilize this grant application to develop and implement new programs and projects designed to improve customer convenience and participation.

There will be no changes to the Innovation grant program where a grant of a $10,000 with no match may be requested and requires a 50% cost share for award amounts over $10,000.Educational materials will continue to require a 50/50 match.

Please contract Kathleen Hennings at or call 515-229-6692 for the most current grant application.

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