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2024 P2 Intern Program - 12 Week Projects

Anderson Erickson Dairy - Des Moines 
Identify sources of product loss throughout the production process and develop/design solutions to eliminate losses.

Anderson Erickson Dairy - Des Moines
Conduct an assessment of targeted process areas to identify water reduction opportunities and make recommendations to reduce usage and associated costs.

Burke Marketing Corporation - Hormel Foods - Nevada
Reduce Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand, (CBOD) in the wastewater by applying P2 strategies to identified points of generation in the decanting and oven areas.  

CF Industries - Sergeant Bluff
Assess the cooling tower water treatment process, establish a baseline of usage and costs, and identify areas where chemical dosage and associated costs may be reduced.

Gelita USA - Sergeant Bluff
Assess and quantify product losses to the wastewater stream throughout production operations and explore methodologies to reduce loss and reduce nitrogen loads in the wastewater.

JBS Swift Pork - Ottumwa
Explore water reduction and reuse opportunities throughout the plant to reduce overall water usage and meet corporate reduction goals. 

JBS USA, LLC - Marshalltown
Assess the steam system and make recommendations to optimize efficiency and improve condensate return to reduce natural gas usage and associated emissions.

Kemin Industries - Des Moines
Evaluate a pilot scale evaporator and identify operating parameters and variables to determine its viability and potential energy savings of integrating it into the concentration and dehydration production processes.

Woodward Resource Center - Woodward
Conduct a thermographic assessment of campus structures and targeted equipment to develop recommendations and create an implementation plan to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.

2024 P2 Intern Program - 28 Week Projects

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc. - Eddyville

A 28-week project to conduct a mass balance of the chiller system and make recommendations to reduce energy usage and improve water quality to optimize the operating efficiency.