Storm Water Program

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Rulemaking to Renew Storm Water General Permits

The DNR is currently conducting rulemaking to renew the three storm water general permits (GPs 1, 2, and 3). For more information on the rulemaking and to view the proposed general permits, please see the NPDES Rules page.

Online Storm Water Permit Application Process Now Accepts Electronic Checks 

The online application process for storm water general permit authorizations is now accepting electronic check payments. In addition to payment by credit card, applicants can pay from their checking account using their account number and bank routing number. The application process for electronic check payment is identical to that for credit card payment until the payment method, check or credit card, is chosen. Bank routing numbers are generally found on paper checks or may be obtained directly from banks.

For questions, please contact the Storm Water Coordinator at 515-725-8417.

General Information

Years after the Clean Water Act of 1972 was adopted, EPA completed rules to include storm water discharges in the NPDES permit program. Since Iowa was delegated the NPDES program for wastewater discharges, delegation was requested for storm water discharges as well. Information regarding the storm water permit program and how it is managed by the Iowa DNR can be found in the following pages:

  • State Revolving Fund - Offers low-interest loans for storm water practices that protect water quality. Eligible borrowers include both public and private entities.

Any discharge from a facility or construction site that may temporarily degrade an Outstanding National Resource Water or Outstanding State Resource Water is required to be permitted by an individual NPDES permit, as stipulated in subparagraph 567-64.7(2)f.(5) of the Iowa Administrative Code and in the Iowa Antidegradation Implementation Procedure. General permit coverage is not available for these discharges. The list of these waters is located in Appendix B of the Antidegradation Implementation Procedure. For more information about obtaining an individual storm water permit for these facilities and construction sites, please contact the Storm Water Program Coordinator at 515-725-8417.