2022 P2 Intern Program - 12 Week Projects

Dee Zee, Inc. - Des Moines
Analyze energy consumption in targeted systems, identify improvement opportunities, and develop an implementation plan to reduce usage and associated costs.

HNI Corporation - Muscatine
Use Process Mapping techniques to establish a waste stream profile and develop an implementation plan that prioritizes source reduction and recycling to increase the diversion of solid waste from the landfill.  

JBS USA, LLC - Marshalltown
Identify and assess water reuse opportunities and outline the necessary process and equipment modifications.

JBS Swift Pork  - Ottumwa
Evaluate CO2 offset potential based on current CO2 and biogas generation and usage. 

Monogram Quality Foods - Denison
Optimize the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process at the plant and improve the quality of effluent water sent to the local treatment plant.

Polaris Industries - Indian Motorcycle - Spirit Lake
Develop a baseline of electrical usage at the plant to identify reduction opportunities and prioritize implementation recommendations. 

Tyson Foods Inc. - Hillshire Brands - Storm Lake
Identify opportunities for water reduction and reuse, research solutions, and develop implementation strategies, including design of a reuse system in the evisceration process.

Wells Enterprises, Inc. - LeMars
Analyze water usage of the cooling tower system, identify opportunities to reduce overall water usage and associated costs, and develop implementation plans for feasible recommendations.