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Electronic submittal for Wastewater Construction Permitting (Updated 3/25/20) 

Please see the Construction Permits page for additional information.

Cost and Effectiveness Requirement for Clean Water SRF Projects (Updated 9/23/15)

Beginning October 1, 2015, all Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) projects receiving assistance through Iowa's Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) must comply with a new requirement addressing cost and effectiveness. This new requirement is found in Section 602(b)(13) of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 (WRRDA), which amended the Clean Water Act.

CWSRF programs may either require submission of a cost and effectiveness analysis or allow applicants and their consulting Professional Engineers to self-certify that they have conducted such an analysis. Iowa's CWSRF has chosen to accept self-certifications and will not review the analyses.

Iowa's CWSRF has not developed specific criteria or guidance for the analysis of cost and effectiveness. More information about how to conduct such an analysis and a self-certification form are available on the CWSRF Cost and Effectiveness webpage.

Technical Assistance Hotline

The DNR has implemented a toll-free wastewater technical assistance hotline for communities, industries, and engineers who do not already have a DNR reviewer assigned to them. The toll free number is for both local (Des Moines calling area) and long-distance callers:

  • Toll Free Long Distance Number: 855-256-9287 (855-CLN-WATR)
  • Local Number (515 prefix): 515-725-9287

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About the Wastewater Engineering Section

Satya Chennupati, P.E., Section Supervisor



The Wastewater Engineering Section issues wastewater construction permits. Permits are required for the construction of any municipal and industrial treatment and collection facilities that discharge treated wastewater to a river or stream. The section also reviews and issues construction permits for wastewater reclamation projects and non-discharging animal feeding operations. Wastewater construction permits are required for small on-site wastewater disposal systems that commonly serve developments or small areas in the treatment of domestic wastewater. Some larger cities have accepted delegation of responsibility for the review of sewer extensions.

Finally, the section administers the Wastewater State Revolving Fund Loan Program offering communities and sanitary districts low interest loans for the construction of wastewater treatment and collection system improvements.

Should you have any questions regarding the construction permit application process, please contact Terry Kirschenman at Terry.Kirschenman@dnr.iowa.gov or at 515-725-8422.

Should you have any questions regarding the CWSRF loan application process, please contact Satya Chennupati at Satya.Chennupati@dnr.iowa.gov or at 515-725-8436.