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Water Security

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The security of Iowa's water resources is important to all Iowans and an important part of the Iowa DNR's mission.  This website was created to assist water supply and wastewater operators with protecting Iowa's water resources.  This site focuses on protecting water and the infrastructure needed to produce and distribute drinking water.  This site includes resources and links to information useful in assessing vulnerability, putting into place protective measures, and developing emergency plans. 

The first step in protecting a water resource is identifying the risks to the water resource.  There are several assessment tools listed below to assist you. Additional information and resources are available through IOWARN.


Assessment Tools
Sandia National Labs Water Infrastructure Security website. Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have developed solutions and tools needed for the complex challenges of water infrastructure security. Sandia researchers have developed several tools and programs for water utilities including CANARY and RAM-W.  
Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool (VSAT-Water & Wastewater) Funded by the EPA and developed by the AMSA VSAT provides a comprehensive assessment tool that could be used and understood by every water utility manager. This program is best suited to facilities that serve populations between 10,000 to 100,000.
US EPA Office of Water Security The Office of Water Security has put together a list of tools to help facilities with vulnerability assessments.


Once the vulnerability assessment is complete the water utility will have a better understanding of what can be done to protect it's infrastructure and natural resources. The next step is to implement recommended changes that are reasonable and feasible. Some possible sources of funding for these infrastructure changes are listed below.

State Funding Sources
Iowa State Revolving Loan Fund
Iowa Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Iowa Community Development Block Grant Program

USDA Water & Waste Disposal Loan & Grant Program


Funding for infrastructure protection comes from two sources, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Federal Homeland Security (DHS).  The EPA Water Security Division has put together a web page listing a variety of potential funding sources and eighty percent of the Federal Homeland Security funding that the State of Iowa receives is passed through to local communities.  In Iowa, DHS grant money is disbursed through County Emergency Management Agency Coordinators. Security improvements at water and wastewater facilities are eligible for funding if they meet DHS Office of Grants and Training Guidelines. Contact your local county emergency management coordinator if you would like to apply for DHS grant money.

The Department of Natural Resources in conjunction with local state and federal partners has developed several tools to assist water and waste water utilities in planning for an emergency.  These resources are tools should be used to develop plans and not as a substitute for the planning process.

Planning Tools and Resources
Source Water Protection Cybersecurity for Water Systems Water System Security Resources
Source Water Protection Guidebook
Cybersecurity Factsheet - US EPA

Is Your Utility Cyber Aware? - US EPA

Source Water Protection Workbook
Top Cyber Actions for Securing Water Systems - US Cyber & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Building Security and Resilience in the Water Sector - US EPA

Source Water Protection Mapper Tool
Cyber Security Assessment Tool - US EPA

America's Water Infrastructure Act - Risk & Resilience Assessments and Emergency Response Plans

Facility Explorer
 Cyber Vulnerability Scanning for Water Utilities - US CISA

Water Infrastructure Resilience - US EPA


Additional water security information and assistance can be found at the EPA Office of Water Security website and the Water Security Network.