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Stakeholder Involvement

The Air Quality Bureau frequently seeks input and recommendations from stakeholders on various planning and rulemaking activities, along with permits that will be issued.

  • Public Input allows opportunities for comment and general information to review Air Quality rulemakings and draft permits. Please see the fact sheet Making Your Comments Count for tips on making effective comments.
  • Meetings are ongoing, regularly scheduled meetings to discuss current and upcoming regulatory issues.
  • Workgroups are established to assist the Air Quality Bureau with specific air quality program implementation activities.

Interested members of the public can view agendas, documents, and general information; meeting and workgroup activities can also be tracked.

Please note that not all categories will have items available for comment at all times. Public meetings being held throughout the state are also available on the State of Iowa public meeting calendar.

Public Input

Construction Permits

* The Iowa DNR is proposing to issue these construction permit(s). Written comments should be directed immediately to the assigned engineer.


Operating Permits


The Iowa DNR Air Quality Bureau(DNR) invites the public to provide informal comments on a draft rulemaking proposal.

Summary of Draft Proposal

The proposed rule changes continue previous efforts to improve rules for air quality programs. Affected businesses and the public benefit from up-to-date air quality requirements and increased effectiveness.

The proposed changes adopt amendments to EPA methods for measuring air pollutant emissions (stack testing and continuous monitoring). The proposal also includes adoption of revisions to federal new sources performance standards (NSPS) and air toxics standards (also known as National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants or NESHAP). Adopting EPA's amendments allows state rules to be consistent with federal regulations and provides certainty to affected businesses and other interested stakeholders.

Rulemaking Documents

Draft Rulemaking

Draft Jobs Impact and Fiscal Impact Statements

How to Provide Input

Written comments and suggestions on the draft proposal may be provided to Christine Paulson, Iowa DNR Air Quality Bureau, by Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at Christine.Paulson@dnr.iowa.gov or by mail to: DNR Air Quality Bureau, 502 E. 9th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319.

Informal Public Input

This informal comment period is an opportunity for stakeholders to assist the Iowa DNR in developing the rule proposal. After considering public input, the Iowa DNR will determine whether to proceed with the rulemaking and present a proposal to the Environmental Protection Commission (Commission). The public may also provide comments on the proposal at the Commission meeting. If the Commission approves the proposal for public comment, the Notice of Intended Action will be published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin. The Notice's publication will initiate a formal public comment period of at least 30 days. The Iowa DNR will hold a public hearing during the public comment period.

For more information, please contact Christine Paulson by e-mail at Christine.Paulson@dnr.iowa.gov or by phone at 515-725-9510.


The DNR invites the public to provide comment on the 2021 report for the sulfur dioxide (SO2) Data Requirements Rule (DRR). The DRR requires an annual assessment of recent SO2 emissions in any area where air quality modeling of actual emissions provided the basis for designating the area attainment for the 2010 1-hour SO2 national ambient air quality standard (NAAQS).

Two areas in Iowa are currently subject to this review, Louisa County and Pottawattamie County. The DNR is recommending that no additional modeling is needed to conclude that these areas continue to attain the 2010 1-hour SO2 NAAQS. This recommendation is based on documented reductions in SO2 emissions.

SO2 Data Requirement Rule 2021 Annual Report - draft

Anyone may make written suggestions or comments on the report. Written comments must be received by Friday, June 11, 2021, and may be sent via e-mail to jessica.reesemcintyre@dnr.iowa.gov.

For questions contact Jessica Reese McIntyre by phone at (515) 725-9547 or email at jessica.reesemcintyre@dnr.iowa.gov.


Meetings - Air Quality Client Contact

Air Quality Client Contact Meetings focus on current and upcoming air program issues and changes. The meetings provide an open forum for stakeholders and the general public to discuss new state and federal air quality rules or air program developments and are a good source of information for anyone who works with or has an interest in activities related to air quality.

All meetings are open to the public.

Meetings - Fee Advisory Groups

Legislation passed by the 86th session of Iowa General Assembly (Senate File 488) established authority to collect application fees for new source air construction permits at major sources. Construction permit application fees will pay for the reasonable direct and indirect costs of implementing and administrating new source review programs for major sources. The legislation directs the DNR to convene a fee advisory group to obtain recommendations regarding these fees for major source air construction permits, including Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permits. The advisory group will meet at least once annually to consider the fees. For more information contact Jim McGraw at Jim.Mcgraw@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-725-9543.


The Air Quality Bureau convened a diverse work group (see members below) to reexamine and provide feedback on the current fees for: minor source and major source air construction permit applications; operating permit applications; Title V emissions; and asbestos notifications. Group members developed and endorsed specific recommendations for future changes to funding the Iowa air quality program.

For more information contact Jim McGraw at Jim.Mcgraw@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-725-9543 or Wendy Walker at Wendy.Walker@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-725-9570.

Agendas and the handouts from each meeting are posted below.


June 21, 2017 ....... Agenda

July 13, 2017 ....... Agenda

July 19, 2017 ....... Agenda

July 20, 2017 ....... Agenda

July 25, 2017....... Agenda


Workgroup members


July 7 enfoTech eApplication Presentation

The DNR held a Value Stream Mapping Event (VSM) on October 17 – 20, 2016. This was a collaborative event with six industry representatives and was co-facilitated by the Department of Management. The VSM participants thoroughly discussed various opportunities to transform Title V permitting and came to consensus on six key deliverables to improve efficiency:

  • Optional pre-application meeting
  • Optional pre-technical review meetings
  • Improved application forms
  • Metrics to determine missing information and customer satisfaction
  • Critical information earlier in the process
  • Directory for just-in-time sharing of internal data

These deliverables will relate to receiving better information from our applicants, thereby improving the efficiency of the DNR staff who will no longer spend time collecting information that could have been provided up front.

Since three of these improvements are more complex in nature the DNR is asking for the input of additional team members. Two workgroups will be held between January 17 and 20, 2017 to address the optional pre-meetings and improvements to the application forms. If you are interested in participating in either one or both workgroups, or for additional information, contact Lori Hanson. The workgroups will consist of a diverse group of twelve to fifteen industry representatives.

Additional information:

If you have comments or questions about the VSM event or wish to participate in the upcoming workgroups, please contact Lori Hanson, Title V Permit Supervisor, at 515-725-9525 or Lori.Hanson@dnr.iowa.gov.

Title V Workgroups

Representatives from eight businesses collaborated with Title V permit writing staff from the DNR and Linn County in two workgroups held between January 17 and 20, 2017. One team addressed optional pre-meetings for hands-on help with the application, likely resulting in a faster application review time a permit that better reflects the needs of the business. The second team simplified the Title V application forms by creating Excel spreadsheet versions of some forms, allowing the use of previous versions of the forms, reducing the information requested, and updating the application instructions.

The purpose of the eAirServices Advisory Workgroup is to provide recommendations to the DNR related to the current and future operations of SLEIS, SPARS, and e-Application.

Please contact Jim McGraw at Jim.McGraw@dnr.iowa.gov or at 515-725-9543 if you have any questions.


Aug 2016 e-Application Project Update

Past Meeting Information:

May 19, 2016 eAirPermitting Customer Workshop Webinar

The eAirPermitting Webinar reached 28 representatives from minor source, major source, and consultants as well as 8 representatives from ECOS, EPA, Georgia and Delaware agencies. Results from the polls and key features ranking exercise were compiled and added to the meeting slides.

April 2016 eAirPermitting Customer Workshops

The eAirPermitting Customer Workshops reached 35 representatives from minor source, major source, consultants, and local agencies. Results from the interactive ranking of key features were compiled and added to the meeting slides.

July 14-16, 2015

June 20, 2013

December 6, 2013

The Iowa General Assembly (House File 2473) directed the DNR to convene a stakeholder group for the purposes of studying the funding of the air quality programs administered by the department. Stakeholder group members will develop recommendations for funding the air quality program for next year and beyond. The department submitted a report to the General Assembly regarding the findings and recommendations of the stakeholder group on December 1, 2014.

For more information contact Jim McGraw at Jim.Mcgraw@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-725-9543.

December 1, 2014

November 13, 2014 Meeting

November 5, 2014 Meeting

October 15, 2014 Meeting

September 30, 2014 Meeting

August 20, 2014 Meeting

July 17, 2014 Meeting


Carbon Pollution Standards for the Power Sector The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a suite of Carbon Pollution Standards for the power sector. The DNR convened a stakeholder group regarding the standards from July 2014 – March 2016.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Monday, February 22, 2016

January 14, 2016 Meeting

November 16, 2015 Meeting

September 9, 2015 Meeting

September 19, 2014 Meeting

July 22, 2014 Meeting

The Iowa DNR Air Quality Bureau hosted two LEAN events the week of November 30-December 4, 2015. These dual LEAN events allowed invited participants to explore efficiencies related to the creation of an option for a multi emission point construction permit and a reduction in the length of issued construction permits.

Some of the specific goals and objectives of the 2015 Construction Permit Dual LEAN events include:

  • Create an option for a permit that includes multiple emission points.
  • Identify and integrate efficiencies created with the new permit option that can apply to existing permit options.
  • Identify key strategies and resources for assuring customer awareness of available permit options.
  • Provide a permit framework that works for all customers that decreases the length of their permit.
  • Capture efficiencies identified during this event to the overall permitting process, as appropriate, to decrease the time required to issue permits.
  • Design a permit that can be easily understood by permit holders, inspectors, other stakeholders.
  • Streamline, eliminate duplication, and ensure all applicable regulations are reflected in the issued permit.

General Information

If you have comments or questions about either of the LEAN events, please contact Sarah Piziali, Construction Permit Supervisor, at 515-725-9549 or Sarah.Piziali@dnr.iowa.gov.

Event 1: Multi-Permit (November 30th - December 2nd)

Event 2: Reduced Permit Framework (December 3rd & December 4th)