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Online Fire Training Courses (online courses are at no cost)

NOTE:  You must have a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID#) to take most of these online courses.

Go to to register for your FEMA SID#.

You will also need to register separately for NFA Online access to take most of these online courses.
Go to to obtain your User ID and password.


Course Number(s) Title of Class
IS-100.c (Same as I-100) Intro to ICS
IS-200.c ICS for Single Resources and Initial Attack
IS-700.b NIMS an Introduction
IS-800.c  National Response Framework, An Introduction
L-180 Human Factors on the Fireline
S-110 Basic Wildland Fire Orientation for Mobilization
S-130 Firefighter Training Take S-190 FIRST
S-190 Intro to Fire Behavior Take this BEFORE S-130
S-260 Interagency Incident Buisness Management
S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior
Firefighter Math Firefighter Math: Basic Field Calculations

Iowa DNR Fire Training Schedule


National and Regional Training

For other wildland fire training opportunities, go to


2023 RT-130 Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training

Iowa DNR has developed a new Google form system for the 2023 RT-130 Annual Fireline Safety Refresher, commonly referred to as the “Refresher” or “Fire Refresher”. This is for both in-state resources and out of state resources. Please click the link below to take you to the refresher page and directions on how to complete the refresher for 2023. In the future for 2024, we plan to continue this self-study refresher as well as go back to a limited number of in-person refreshers. For fire shelter deployment practice, for national deployment incidents, we will do those exercises before the work capacity tests.