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Boards & Commissions

Environmental Protection Commission
The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) is a panel of nine citizens who provide policy oversight over Iowa's environmental protection efforts. EPC members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by vote of the Senate for four year terms. Information about scheduling an opportunity to speak to the Commission may be obtained by contacting or calling 515-313-8909.

Client Contact Group
The Client Contact Group is an open forum to discuss issues related to all of the department's environmental programs. The Client Contact Group occurs prior to the monthly Environmental Protection Commission meetings with a number of agenda items related to new rules or program development. Since the Client Contact Group covers issues related to all Environmental Services Division programs, these meetings are a good source of information for anyone who works with or has an interest in activities related to environmental management. Information about Client Contact Group may be obtained by contacting or calling 515-313-8909.

Natural Resource Commission

The Natural Resource Commission (NRC) consists of seven citizens who set policy, adopts administrative rules and hears appeals in contested cases related to fish, wildlife, conservation law enforcement, park and forestry programs. The commission also approves or disapproves the acquisition or disposal of state lands and waters relating to state parks, recreational facilities and wildlife programs. NRC members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate to staggered six-year terms.

The commission meets monthly, generally the second Thursday of each month with a tour often scheduled on Wednesday afternoon the day before the meeting. The meetings are held throughout the state. A time is scheduled at each meeting for members of the public to address the commission about any topic related to natural resource management. The meeting agenda will be published about a week before the meeting. For further information about meetings, please contact or calling 515-313-8909.

Lake Delhi Environment Subcommittee

In the Governor's Executive Order 25, it states that the Lake Delhi Recover and Rebuild Task Force is hereby created to assist in the collaboration of citizen and businesses with local, county, state and federal agencies, to develop strategies for both the recovery and rebuilding of the Lake Delhi area, including, most specifically, whether and under what conditions the Lake Delhi dam should be rebuilt.

State Preserves Advisory Board
Chapter 465C establishes the State Preserves Advisory Board. This Board has seven members, six appointed by the governor plus the director of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The Board advises the DNR on acquisition, dedication, and management of state preserves.

REAP Conservation Education Program (CEP) Board
The five members of the CEP Board, as required by law, are appointed, one each, from the state departments of education and natural resources, the Iowa Association of County Conservation Boards, Iowa Association of Naturalists, and Iowa Conservation Education Coalition. The Department of Natural Resources provides staff to carry out the duties of the board. The REAP Act recognizes that environmental education is one of the long-term integrated efforts that is needed to conserve and protect Iowa’s natural resources. It states the duties of the CEP Board are to: “...revise and produce conservation education materials and specify stipends to Iowa educators who participate in innovative conservation education programs approved by the board.”

State Interagency Missouri River Authority
The State Interagency Missouri River Authority was established by Iowa Code chapter 28L to promote policy regarding the State's many uses and interests along the Missouri River Corridor. The Authority discusses and determines Iowa's positions regarding issues before the Missouri River Association of the States and Tribes (MoRAST).