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Northern Pike, photo submitted by M. Laake
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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is dedicated to creating excellent fishing opportunities and a healthy aquatic environment through research, habitat improvements, and prevention of exotic species in Iowa’s waters.

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Iowa ponds
Some of the best fishing in Iowa happens on privately owned ponds. Learn tips and techniques

to manage your Iowa pond.

Fighting Invasive Species
Invasive aquatic species like zebra mussels and Eurasion watermilfoil are one of the greatest threats to Iowa fish. Find out how you can help prevent the spread of invasive species.

Fisheries Research
Research is the backbone of Iowa’s fisheries work. Learn how fisheries research projects help create better fishing for more Iowans in more places.

Habitat and Lake Projects
Good fishing starts with improving habitat and water quality. Learn about dozens of projects the DNR implements each year on Iowa lakes and rivers.

Lake Restoration Program
Millions of dollars are invested to improve Iowa’s major lakes through shoreline improvements, dredging, watershed work and much more.

Eating Iowa-caught fish is SAFE!
Most of Iowa’s streams, rivers and lakes offer safe and high-quality fish that pose little or no threat to human health if eaten. Over 4.5 million meals of Iowa fish were consumed in 2007. Some limitations of eating fish may apply for young children and pregnant women. Find out more with this Fish Consumption Fact Sheet from the Iowa DNR and the Iowa Dept. of Public Health. Here is a list of current fish consumption advisories for Iowa lakes and rivers.