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Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Bureau is the State of Iowa's agency which designs, in house or through consulting services, and oversees the construction projects for the Department after policies and programs have been created. We are very proud of our record and hope to share some of our pride with you.

Learn about the various ongoing, completed or planned construction projects being handled by the Engineering staff. From the smallest outhouse to the largest spillway construction project in Iowa, our professional staff provides and puts into practice the most advanced technology to ensure safe and cost effective solutions to architectural and engineering problems. We continually strive to provide the best products at the lowest cost to our ultimate customers; the Iowan taxpayers.

In addition, we hope that this site will be of help within the construction industry as a way to advertise our projects to interested contractors.

Services provided:

  • Planning & Development
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Professional Engineering & Architectural Design Services
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management & Construction Inspection
  • Federal Emergency Management Administration & Emergency Response Projects
  • Consultant Selection & Contract Negotiations
  • Investigative Reporting

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Small Project Lettings
Small projects currently letting for bids on dates indicated. 
Small Project Lettings

Project List
To achieve the goals set forth by the Department of Natural Resources to improve and maintain its infrastructure, the DNR-Engineering Services Bureau is mandated to offer competitive bidding on such construction project as deemed necessary.
Project List

Requests for Proposals

Iowa Department of Natural Resources would like to compile a list of qualified Architecture and Engineering Consultants to design their projects.

If your firm would like to be part of our Engineering List-serve, please send your contact information and type of work your firm specializes in (Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Sanitary, Environmental, Structural, Geotechnical, etc.) to the following email address and we will add you to the appropriate list:

Engineering Staff

Office Mailing Address:
Wallace State Office Building, 502 E. 9th St., Des Moines, IA 50319

No PhotoTravis Baker
Bureau Chief

(515) 729-4407

Heath DelzellHeath Delzell, P.E.
Design Engineering Supervisor
(515) 979-0104 cell


Mandi Aldrich-PetersMandi Aldrich Peters, P.E.
Facilities Engineer I
Project Manager, Civil Engineer

(515) 205-1698 office

Brett JohnsonBrett Johnson, P.E.
Facilities Engineer I
Project Manager, Civil Engineer

(515) 250-3711 cell

Troy DuffTroy Duff
Facilities Engineer I
Wetland design, boat ramps, roadways, dredging, etc

(515) 250-3715 cell

Emmanuel Sang Emmanuel Sang
Facilities Engineer 1
Project Manager

(515) 321-7005 cell

Mike HameedMike Hameed, P.E.
Facilities Engineer II
Water and wastewater design, Civil Engineer

(515) 336-2839 cell

Jeff Felts Jeff Felts, P.E.
Facilities Engineer II
District Inspector for the Northwest area of Iowa

613 Apollo Rd.
Hinton, Iowa 51024-8827

(515)250-3712 cell

Don Labate Don Labate, P.E.
Facilities Engineer II
District Inspector for the North Central area of Iowa

305 South Oak St.
Jefferson, Iowa 50129

(515)250-3714 cell

Mel Pacovsky Mel Pacovsky
Facilities Engineer 1
District Inspector for the Northeast area of Iowa

956 E Main
New Hampton, Iowa 50659

(319)240-3553 cell

Mark Johnson Mark Johnson
Facilities Engineer 1
District Inspector for the Southwest area of Iowa

3452 Kingbird Avenue
Brayton, Iowa 50042

(515)250-3713 cell

Jason Kruse Jason Kruse, P.E.
Facilities Engineer II
District Inspector for the South Central area of Iowa

806 E. Trail Ridge Place Indianola, IA 50125

(515)250-3707 cell

No Photo Michael Dufoe, P.E.
Facilities Engineer II
District Inspector for the South East area of Iowa

(515)985-9196 cell

Ryan RicheyRyan Richey
Facilities Engineer II
Building Design

(515)979-0107 cell

Jeremiah Allen Jeremiah Allen
Survey Party Chief
Surveys state land, parks, lakes, etc.

(515)250-3716 cell