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REAP, DNR Land Management



DNR Land Management (9% of REAP fund) - This money is available to DNR for development and management of state conservation lands. Project examples are trail renovation, shower and rest room replacement, repairs to lodges, shelters, and cabins, and minor repair of dams, spillways, parking lots and beaches. This account serves as a substitute for the state park user permit receipts which were terminated by the legislature when REAP was enacted. While most of the funds have been directed to projects in state parks and recreation areas, they can also be used for improvements on state wildlife management areas and state forests.

Photo above: Preparation Canyon State Park, 2005 REAP Project

REAP Coordinator

Contact person:
Michelle Wilson, REAP Coordinator
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Wallace State Office Building
Des Moines, IA 50319
phone: 515-446-0535