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P2 Equipment Loan Program

Pollution Prevention Services has several pieces of monitoring equipment that are available to companies to assist in data collection to further their pollution prevention initiatives. Our technical staff can assist you in proper use and placement of equipment. At the conclusion of your data collection cycle, P2 Services can help analyze and interpret data and help identify trends and areas of opportunity within specific systems. 

Equipment Loan Program Request Form

What’s Available

Ultrasonic Leak Detectors (ULDs) - ULDs can be used for two different types of assessments and preventative maintenance (PM) programs:

    • Compressed Air - a compressed air survey utilizes the ULD to detect leaks in the compressed air system. The ULD uses the trisonic scanning module to pick up turbulent flows caused by leaks. 
    • Steam traps - a steam trap survey utilizes the ULD to detect flow in pipes before and after the trap and listen for the trap cycles to assist with identifying malfunctioning traps. Evaluating steam traps uses the stethoscope module and the ULD needs to be in contact with the traps, so the traps must be accessible. 

Data Loggers

    • Motor on/off - place on or close to the motor; close enough so the current can be registered by the motor. This is a binary logger. It will only read if the motor is on or if it is off.
    • Light on/off - place in a room or area where light usage duration needs to be determined. 
    • Temperature/Relative Humidity - place in an area where you want to collect continuous temperature or humidity data. 
    • Occupancy Sensors - place in a conference room-esque space. This logger collects data on if the room is occupied, or not; and also if the lights are on or off.

    How it works

    1. Fill out equipment request form
    2. Submit deposit
    3. Receive equipment from P2 Services
    4. Place/use equipment
    5. Collect data
    6. Analyze data 
    7. Return equipment to P2 Services
    8. Receive deposit back 

    When can I borrow equipment?

    P2 Services will loan equipment to companies from September to March each year.