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County Committee Membership

REAP County Committee Members

The 2008 session of the legislature amended the REAP Act to make it easier for county officials and mayors to appoint designees to county committees. It also expanded the list from which historical interests can be drawn from as members of the committee.

  • The chair of the county board of supervisors, or its designee
  • The chair of the county conservation board, or its designee
  • The chair of the county soil and water district, or its designee
  • The chair of a school board, or its designee
  • The mayor of each city in the county, or its designee
  • Head or designee member of a recognized county farm or farm commodity group
  • The chair or designee member of any recognized wildlife, conservation, environmental, recreation, conservation education, historical-cultural, nonpartisan governmental research group, study group of the League of Women Voters that has a county organization.

The 2008 expansion for historical interests include:

  • A historic preservation commission or similar entity established by a county or city in the county.
  • A private organization that provides recognition and protection for historic buildings, structures, sites, and districts in a county or a city.
  • A historic museum or organization that maintains a collection of documents relating to the history of a county or a city.

These historical representatives will be appointed by the county board of supervisors, and if the appointee represents an entity established by a city, the board will consult with the city authority that established the entity.

The law says that REAP county committee members generally are to be members of some county organization (above), but anyone of the public can and should be encouraged to attend and participate in the meetings.

Meetings should be held at least once a year, and the county supervisors are asked to provide the meeting room, clerical assistance and expenses of the committee from the county general fund. (Although, before any expenses are made, county supervisors should be thoroughly informed and grant their approval.)

Your County Committee
The chair or contact person for each county committee is asked to provide their contact information to the DNR for posting on the REAP website so that others may reach them. The following provides a link to the current list of county committee contacts: View contact information for the REAP Chair in your county.