Comprehensive Planning

Iowa law requires cities and counties to develop a comprehensive solid waste reduction program in collaboration with the landfill(s) or other waste facility(s) that serves their area. These programs/strategies are detailed in a plan, which is referred to as a comprehensive plan. Cities and counties can develop plans individually, or they can group together with other cities and counties (often grouping together in political subdivisions called 28E organizations) to prepare a solid waste comprehensive plan. A city or county or group of cities and counties preparing a plan is referred to as a planning area.   Iowa's Administrative Code defines a comprehensive plan as: "a course of action developed and established cooperatively between cities, counties, and sanitary disposal projects regarding their chosen integrated solid waste management system, its participation, waste reduction strategies, and disposal methods."

Every five years each Planning Area must undergo a Plan Update. With input from stakeholders, planning areas evaluate their progress towards waste reduction goals and current waste management practices. DNR reviews and approves the updates to ensure that the plan meets code requirements. Planning Areas are required to have an approved Solid Waste Comprehensive Plan on file in order to renew solid waste facility permits that serve their area. 

DNR staff is available to provide assistance to cities and counties regarding their waste management and waste reduction goals. More information on the Plan Update Process and Planning Areas is available in the Planning Area Resource section below.   Additionally,  information on the requirements applicable to Comprehensive Planning can be found in:

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Each Planning Area designates the destination(s) for solid waste in that area “Waste Flow”. Permitted disposal facilities in Iowa are not allowed to accept waste from outside the designated Planning Area. Each ton of solid waste landfilled in Iowa is assessed a fee. The amount assessed in the Planning Area depends on the waste “Diversion Rate” determined using the Base Year Adjustment Method described in Iowa Administrative Code 567 Chapter 101.7. More information about Waste Flow and Fees may be found under Resources below.

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