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Current Watershed Improvement Grant Opportunities

5/30/2019 - The Iowa DNR is accepting applications for Comprehensive Water Quality Management Planning grants from registered Watershed Management Authorities (WMA) with valid 28E agreements approved by the Iowa Secretary of State prior to the deadline of the solicitation. Cost share for WMA planning activities will be provided via subaward from a DNR Watershed Improvement Section administered EPA nonpoint source and water quality planning grants. 

The deadline for applications will be close of business August 23, 2019

Match Requirements:
  • Local match must total at least 25% of requested DNR funds
  • A minimum 5% of the requested DNR funds must be as cash match
  • The remaining required match can be a combination if in-kind and cash
  • Providing match above the minimum is not necessary, but will be taken into consideration during evaluation as an indication of local partnership strength and willingness to conduct a planning effort in the targeted watershed

Example: WMA is requesting the maximum DNR request of $100,000; $5000 local cash match required, $20,000 in-kind required; total match provided is $25,000 or 25% of $100,000 (minimum match values represented)

Fiscal agent designation, certification regarding debarment, risk assessment document completion, and a federal DUNS identification number will be required for complete and responsive applications. Successful applicants awarded contracts will also be subject to all relevant federal statutes and rules and regulations as they pertain to the use of federal funds authorized under Sections 319 and 604(b) of the Clean Water Act. 

Planning project deliverables and budget must align with the 18-month project time frame. Successful applicants should expect to be awarded contracts beginning no later than October 15, 2019 and ending no later than April 30, 2021 (18 months) unless otherwise notified.

For more information on technical assistance, planning guides, or general information about WMAs, see the DNR WMA page.

TO APPLY: Subaward grant application form  

For more information, contact:
Steven Konrady
DNR Watershed Improvement Section
Grant Issuing Officer

The Iowa DNR reserves all rights to determine and accept all portions of any apparent successful application or choose to reject all applications and reserve funding for additional applications or other purposes.
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