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Current Watershed Improvement Grant Opportunities

11/4/2020 - The Water Quality Improvement Section is now accepting applications for the 2021 DNR Comprehensive Water Quality Management Planning grant from eligible Watershed Management Authorities. 

Eligible Applicants include any Watershed Management Authority (WMA) or Watershed Coalition that is formed as a separate legal entity under Iowa Code chapter 28E and that submits a Responsive Application to the Iowa DNR in response to this Solicitation. “Applicant” also may include a local or regional entity demonstrating the characteristics of a Regional Public Comprehensive Planning Organization (RPCPO), as described in Clean Water Act section 205, which is applying on behalf of a Watershed Management Authority. An RPCPO Applicant shall include a narrative explanation of how it demonstrates the characteristics of an RPCPO and its specific relationship to any WMA. For purposes of this Solicitation, an RPCPO Applicant may consider any Iowa Code chapter 466B WMA characteristics to be indicative of its capacity as an RPCPO.

For more information about this grant opportunity, please contact the Issuing Officer ( or 515-204-1456). For information about WMAs and contact information for WMA Technical Assistance, please see:

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