Land donors honored during reception in Des Moines

Over 5,700 acres of Iowa land in 35 counties with an estimated value of nearly $6.2 million was permanently protected through donations for conservation.

The donors associated with over 40 donations of land or land value will be recognized during a ceremony on March 12, 2019, from 11:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in the 1st floor rotunda, at the State Capitol, in Des Moines. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg are scheduled to attend.

+ Brown, Jerry and Jacquelyn
+ Congregation of the Humility of Mary
+ Countryman, Aaron and Alysia
+ Decker, John
+ Doden, Frank and Lori Askeland
+ Duey, Sherri Richardson and Bill
+ Durrenberger, Paul and Suzan Erem
+ Garst, Jennifer and Elizabeth Garst
+ Harms, Richard and Joyce
+ Henning Family
+ Horbach, Lon and Ted Halls
+ Howell, Gary and Deborah
+ Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
+ Lee, Linda M, M.D. and Thomas J Gross, M.D.
+ McTaggart, Lawrence
+ Morf, Darrell and Middie
+ Nelson, Karen
+ O’Brien, Suzanne & Michael & Jay & Barb Muckle
+ Peterson, Eric and Peggy
+ Pheasants Forever, Inc.
+ Pleasant Grove Land Preservation, Inc.
+ Ramsay, Shannon
+ Raymond Muller family
+ Rickert, Mike and Linda
+ Schipfer, Daniel Jr. and Martha
+ Schwab, Dick and Katherine Buford
+ VanKirk Storage Company, LLC
+ Weitz, Fred and Emily