Electronic Document Retrieval

Document Search Web Application which is a web interface connecting to OpenText. The search interface allows easy searches by a variety of meta data such as program, city, county, or facility name.

Solid Waste EMS Participant Information

Solid Waste EMS program is a voluntary alternative to Iowa’s Comprehensive Planning program. More information can be found on the Iowa’s Solid Waste EMS program webpage.

After applying to the program, and being designated an EMS by the Environmental Protection Commission, program participants are coached in the ten “Elements” of Iowa’s Solid Waste EMS. This web page contains training information and example documents from that training. Along the right side of the page the Electronic Document Retrieval system may be utilized to review EMS participant reports and EMS Audit reports along with other program information.

Greenhouse Gas Tracking Software & Information

Annual Reports & External Audit Reports - see electronic document retrieval instructions on the right sidebar

DNR Contact
Laurie Rasmus


EMS Financial Assistance

EMS participants may request financial assistance by timely submitting both a pre-proposal and grant application. Participants may apply in both the non-competitive Round 1 in the fall and the competitive Round 2 in the spring. For consideration, DNR must receive submissions by 4:00 PM on the due date.

Round 1 Due Dates

Pre-proposal: September 15
Application: November 1

Round 2 Due Dates

Pre-proposal: February 15
Application: April 1

Additional documents to be submitted with applications:

Minority Impact Statement