Fishing Atlas

The new Fishing Atlas is an interactive map that shows contours for 150 county and state lakes along with 1,000 fish structure locations. It also includes road maps, lakes amenities and topography. The search function allows you to quickly zoom in on the lake of your choice.

Check it out to help you plan your next fishing trip!

Downloadable Fishing Structures File for GPS

Iowa DNR maintains a catalog of habitat structures installed in Iowa lakes, as well as other important features. This data is available via downloadable GPX file. Right click and choose "save target as" or "save as", and save the file to your computer (not to your device's card). When saving, change from XML file type to All Files, and type in .gpx at the end of the FishingStructures file name. After saving to your computer, you should be able to add the data to your GPS.

The saved file "FishingStructures.gpx" should be universally useable on most GPS units.

Find a Map:

Ada Hayden Heritage Park Lake
Afton City Reservoir
Airport Lake
Albia (lower)
Albia City Reservoir
Alice Wyth Lake
Alton Roadside Park Pond
Ankeny Lake (DMACC)
Arbor Lake
Arrowhead Lake
Arrowhead Pond
Atlantic Quarry Pond 1
Atlantic Quarry Pond 2
Atlantic Quarry Pond 3
Avenue of the Saints Pond
Backbone Lake
Bacon Creek Lake
Badger Creek Lake
Badger Lake
Beaver Lake
Beeds Lake
Big Creek Lake
Big Hollow Lake
Big Sioux Recreation Area
Big Spirit Lake
Big Woods Lake
Binder Lake
Black Hawk Lake
Black Hawk Pits
Blue Lake
Bluebill Lake
Bluegrass Lake
Bob White Lake
Briggs Woods Lake
Brinker Lake
Browns Lake
Brushy Creek Lake
Carter Lake
Casey Lake (aka Hickory Hills Lake)
Center Lake
Central Park Lake
Clear Lake
Cocklin Fish Farm
Cold Springs Lake
Coralville Reservoir
Corydon Reservoir
Crawford Creek Impoundment
Crystal Lake
Dalton Pond
DeSoto Bend
Diamond Lake
DMACC Lake (Ankeny)
Dog Creek Lake
Don Williams Lake
East Bergfeld
East Lake (Osceola)
East Okoboji Lake
Easter Lake
Eldred Sherwood Lake
Elk Lake
Ellis Lake
Elm Lake
Fairview Area Impoundment
Farm Creek Lake
Five Island Lake
Fogle Lake S.W.A.
George Wyth Lake
Grays Lake
Green Belt Lake
Green Castle Lake
Green Valley Lake
Greenfield Lake
Hacklebarney East
Hacklebarney West
Hannen Lake
Harold Getty Lake
Hawthorn Lake (aka Barnes City Lake)
Heritage Pond
Hickory Grove Lake
High Lake
Hooper Area Pond
Humeston Reservoir
Indian Lake
Ingham Lake
Iowa Lake (Emmet County)
Iowa Lake (Iowa County)
Koutny Pond
Lacey Keosauqua Park Lake
Lake Ahquabi
Lake Anita
Lake Belva Deer
Lake Cornelia
Lake Darling
Lake Fisher
Lake Geode
Lake Hendricks
Lake Icaria
Lake Keomah
Lake Macbride
Lake Manawa
Lake Meyer
Lake Miami
Lake Miss (Tug Fork W)
Lake Odessa
Lake of the Hills
Lake of Three Fires
Lake Pahoja
Lake Smith
Lake Sugema
Lake Wapello
Lambach Lake
Larson Lake
Little River Watershed Lake
Little Sioux Park Lake
Little Spirit Lake
Little Wall Lake
Littlefield Lake
Lizard Lake
Loch Ayr
Loess Hills State Forest - Jones Creek
Lost Grove Lake
Lost Island Lake
Lower Centerville Reservoir
Lower Gar Lake
Lower Pine Lake
Manteno Park Pond
Marble Lake
Mariposa Lake
Martens Lake
Meadow Lake
Meyers Lake
Mill Creek (Lake)
Minnewashta Lake
Moorhead Park Pond
Mormon Trail Lake
Morris Lake
Mt. Ayr Old Reservoir
Nelson Park Lake
Nine Eagles Lake
Nodaway Lake
North Prairie Lake
North Twin Lake
Oldham Lake
Orient Lake
Otter Creek Lake
Ottumwa Lagoon
Pickeral Lake
Pierce Creek Pond
Pleasant Creek Lake
Pollmiller Park Lake
Prairie Rose Lake
Railroad Lake
Rathbun Reservoir
Red Haw Lake
Roberts Creek Lake
Rock Creek Lake
Rock Valley Pit
Rodgers Park Lake
Rudd Lake
Sands Timber Lake (Blockton Reservoir)
Sandy Hollow Park Lake
Saylorville Reservoir
Schram Pond
Silver Lake (Delaware)
Silver Lake (Dickinson)
Silver Lake (Palo Alto)
Silver Lake (Worth)
Slip Bluff Lake
Snyder Bend Lake
South Prairie Lake
South Twin Lake
Spring Lake
Springbrook Lake
Storm Lake (incl Little Storm Lake)
Summit Lake
Swan Lake
Thayer Lake
Thomas Mitchell Lake
Three Mile Lake
Trumbull Lake
Tug Fork West
Tuttle Lake
Twelve Mile Creek Lake
Union Grove Lake
Upper Centerville Reservoir
Upper Gar Lake
Upper Pine Lake
Viking Lake
Virgin Lake
Volga Lake
West Lake (Osceola)
West Lake Corning
West Okoboji Lake
White Oak Conservation Area Lake
Williamson Pond
Willow Lake
Wilson Park Lake
Windmill Lake
Yellow Smoke Park Lake