Wild Turkey in Iowa
Turkey Hunting in Iowa

By the early 1900's, unrestricted market hunting and drastic reductions in habitat had eliminated wild turkeys in Iowa. For many years, the thunderous gobbles of the wild turkey were absent from Iowa's woodlands and forests.

This silence was broken in 1966 when the Iowa Conservation Commission, now the Department of Natural Resources, initiated a program to return the wild turkey to Iowa. Wild turkeys were released at several sites across the state, with the first release occurring in Lee County, Iowa. Since these early days, turkey populations have expanded across the entire state of Iowa.

Iowa Hunting and Trapping Regulations, Full Book
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Are you interested in coming to Iowa for turkey hunting?

Nonresidents, be sure to check availability of any licenses before going online to purchase. Zone map information and season dates can be found in the nonresident turkey application guide. If you applied for a spring turkey tag, check out this year's results on the DNR's nonresident hunting page.

We hope you enjoy hunting in Iowa!

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Turkey Hunting Seasons

2017 Spring Turkey Seasons
Youth (Gun/Bow) Apr 8 - 16
Season 1 (Gun/Bow) Apr 17 - 20
Season 2 (Gun/Bow)
Apr 21 - 25
Season 3 (Gun/Bow)
Apr 26 - May 2
Season 4 (Gun/Bow)
May 3 - 21
Resident Archery Apr 17 - May 21

2017 Fall Turkey Seasons
Gun/Bow Oct 16 - Dec 1
Archery Only Oct 1 - Dec 1 ; Dec 18 - Jan 10

Turkey Hunting in Iowa - FAQ
+ Nonresident - Application Period, Drawing Status
+ Nonresident - Leftover Limited Quota Licenses
+ Turkey Hunting - Season Dates
+ Turkey Hunting - Measuring spurs, etc (Scoring)
+ Turkey Hunting - Obtaining a permit
+ Turkey Hunting - Are decoy's legal?
+ Turkey Hunting - Weapon & shot size restrictions
+ Turkey Hunting - Can I call for someone else?
+ Turkey Hunting - Transportation tags
+ Turkey Hunting - Record book registrations
+ Wild Turkey - Range Information
+ Wild Turkey - Population Information
+ Wild Turkey - Production Survey
Hunting Questions?

For more information regarding wild turkey information, hunting seasons and zones in your area, contact your local wildlife biologist, conservation officer or call the Iowa DNR call center at 515-725-8200.

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