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OHV Safety Video

OHV Safety Video

OHV Safety Video

Renewal Period for Registrations [Sept 1 - Dec 31]

The ANNUAL renewal period for registrations without penalty is September 1st through December 31st.

Be sure to register your OHV.
All newly owned machines, or machines not yet entered into the recreational vehicle and vessel registration system (RVVRS), must be registered through the County Recorder’s Office in the owner’s county of residence.


To register you will need:

Off-Highway Vehicles which have been entered into RVVRS may be renewed through a County Recorder's Office or the Iowa DNR Online License and Registration site. You will need to provide your DNR customer number, which is printed on your vehicle registration.

Ready to ride at the DNR-designated OHV parks or on public ice?
Resident machines must display a valid, current Iowa DNR registration decal and the registration certificate must be on the operator or machine.

Nonresident machines must display a valid Iowa DNR nonresident user permit on the machine. If the home state requires registration, this must also be displayed on the machine.

City and County Ordinances for on-road OHV use 
For more information or questions regarding the on-road OHV use (authorized under a city or county ordinance) should be directed to the local authorizing jurisdiction.

Additional OHV Information
+ Operator Incident Report
+ Special Events Calendar
+ Special Events Permitting
+ ATV Trail Grant Program
+ Annual Report
Rules and Regulations
ATV Education

ATV riders in the state of Iowa who are ages 12 through 17 are required to have taken, and passed, an ATV education course and have an education certificate in their possession when riding on public land, public ice, and designated ATV trails, if these areas are signed open to ATV use.

This regulation applies to both resident and nonresident riders.

Iowa's OHV Parks
OHV Park Rules

ATV and Off-road Motorcycle Use:

Bluff Creek OHV Park
Mahaska Co, SW of Oskaloosa 

ATV, ORM and ORV Use:

Gypsum City OHV Park
Webster Co., SE of Fort Dodge

Lakeview OHV Park
Johnson Co., N of Iowa City

Rathbun OHV Park
Appanoose County
SW arm of Lake Rathbun, IA

River Valley OHV Park
Pottawattamie Co
Along MO River, Council Bluffs 

Riverview OHV Park
Black Hawk Co., Waterloo, IA

Tama County OHV Park
Tama Co., S of Tama, Hwy 63