Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus)
Iowa's Wildlife

Wildlife Diversity Program
To many Iowans, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about our fish and wildlife resources might be deer, pheasants, walleye, turkeys and other traditional game or sport fish species. The vast majority of wildlife species in Iowa are not hunted trapped or fished for, however, but instead are sometimes called "nongame" wildlife. This includes shorebirds, raptors, songbirds, many small mammals and bats, most amphibians, reptiles, many small fish, butterflies, dragonflies and more - a very wide diversity of wildlife, indeed. These are the wildlife the Diversity Program focuses on.

Iowa’s Wildlife Action Plan
The Iowa Wildlife Action Plan (IWAP) is a proactive plan designed to conserve all wildlife in Iowa before they become rare and more costly to protect. Developed by a coalition of scientists, sportsmen and women, conservationists, and members of the public, this plan can help us protect wildlife and the places they live for future generations. If the steps in the action plan are successfully carried out, Iowa will have cleaner water and air - a healthy environment for people and wildlife.

Threatened and Endangered Species
Iowa's endangered and threatened species law was enacted in 1975. The current law, entitled Endangered Plants and Wildlife is Chapter 481B of the Code of Iowa. The Natural Resource Commission and the Director of the Department of Natural Resources are responsible for administration of Chapter 481B.

Wildlife Research Papers and Reports
Wildlife research, either conducted by our research staff or about Iowa's wildlife will be continually updated here. Topic areas align with the specialties of our wildlife research stations across Iowa.

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Wildlife Damage and Control
The DNR is responsible for managing Iowa's wildlife for all of Iowa's citizens. One of the DNR's responsibilities is to provide private landowners with the guidance and assistance they need to effectively deal with wildlife damage.

Injured Wildlife - Wildlife Rehabilitators
For questions regarding injured wildlife please refer to our  list of Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators.

How can you help Iowa's Wildlife?

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Wildlife News
Wildlife Fact Sheets and Information

Are you a land manager that is interested in learning what flora and fauna are present on your land? If you need assistance with identifying flora and fauna or would like suggestions on how to manage for certain species, please start with the  Iowa Flora and Fauna Database as a tool to help you connect to people who can help you get the information you need.

Wanting to learn more about creatures found in Iowa? The following fact sheets provide species specific information:

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