DNR Enforcement Actions
Many times, environmental improvement comes as a result of an enforcement action. Enforcement must take place when people choose to circumvent the law or do not understand the full impact of their actions on our environment. The DNR is charged with ensuring compliance with State of Iowa environmental laws and rules. The compliance portion of the DNR improves our environment through educating citizens and promoting awareness of the environmental impacts of our actions and awareness of applicable law.

Orders reported in 2017 are listed by the date of issuance, in reverse alphabetical order (by responsible party, by last name for individuals) below.
Archived orders back to 2007

With administrative orders, responsible parties have 30 days to appeal the order. A consent order is issued in settlement of an administrative order or as an alternative to issuing an administrative order. A consent order indicates that the DNR has voluntarily entered into a legally enforceable agreement with the other party. In certain situations, the DNR may choose to include Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs) in a consent order.

The DNR uses the Enforcement Management System (EMS) to outline the process by which the various regulatory programs in the Environmental Services Division (ESD) of the Iowa DNR pursue compliance with chapters 455B, 455D, 459, 459A, and 459B of the Iowa Code and the rules promulgated there under. The general objective of the EMS is to protect the public health and environment of the State of Iowa through enforcement of the environmental regulatory requirements in a timely, consistent and fair manner.

The Fish Kill Cost Recovery Guidance document assists in the investigation and assessment of fish kills by each division to ensure coordination between the divisions. The guidance also provides information regarding the right to enter a property. This guidance will also ensure the costs for fish restitutions, salaries, meals, lodging and miscellaneous expenses are collected uniformly between the divisions.

For more information, please contact Ed Tormey at Ed.Tormey@dnr.iowa.gov or 515-725-8373.

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Samson, Mark
Prairie City, IA - Jasper County

Permanent revocation of all water treatement, wastewater treatment and drinking water distribution certifications and prohibition against holding any further DNR wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment or water distribution certifications.
Consent Order - 6938
Contact: John Crotty
Greenway Farms, Inc
RockValley, IA - Sioux County

Payment of $1,000 for air quality violations
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6722
Contact: Anne Preziosi
City of Allison
Allison, IA - Butler County

submit NPDES permit application, associated fees and pay $1,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6926
Contact: John Crotty
Singh, Bachan Convenience Stores Leasing and Management, LLC
Malcolm, IA - Poweshiek County

identify sole proprietor personally liable for order obligations and associated fees totalling $1,890; administrative penalty still $8,000
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6839
Contact: David Scott
Matthews, Michael
Estherville, IA - Dickinson County

Operate and maintain all animal feeding operation structures in compliance with DNR rules and pay $6000 penalty
Consent Order - 6901
Contact: Kelli Book
Sickles, Jason
Red Oak, IA - Page County

Ensure manure handling done in a manner to prevent release to a water of the state, develop and implement Standard Operating Procedure for proper manure handling and pay $2100 penalty
Consent Order - 6919
Contact: Kelli Book
Kalvig, Steven
Grafton, IA - Worth County

Comply with all laws related to burning and disposal of solid wastes and pay $5,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6925
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Custom Cabinets of Iowa, Inc
Ankeny, IA - Polk County

Submit 2016 Minor Source Emission Inventory to DNR and pay $2,500 penalty
Administrative Order - 6909
Contact: Kelli Book
GATR of Des Moines Inc
Des Moines, IA - Polk County

Pay $1,500 penalty for late submittal of 2016 Minor Source Emission Inventory
Administrative Order - 6908
Contact: Kelli Book
Kent, Ryan
Auburn, IA - Calhoun County

Operate and maintain all animal feeding operation structures in compliance with DNR rules and pay $3,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6889
Contact: Kelli Book
Vohs, Nathan
Aurelia, IA - Cherokee County

Comply with all laws and rules regarding the burning of solid wastes and pay $500 penalty
Consent Order - 6921
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Klingborg, Jim & Sheila
Aurelia, IA - Cherokee County

Comply with all laws and rules regarding open burning of solid wastes and pay $1,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6917
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Advanced Electroforming, Inc.
West Branch, IA - Cedar County

Amended order due to penalty deemed uncollectible
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6511
Contact: Kelli Book
LJ Unlimited, L.L.C
Iowa Falls, IA - Franklin County

penalty deemed uncollectible
Amendment to Administrative Order - 5935
Contact: Kelli Book
Daybreak Foods, Inc.
Eagle Grove, IA - Wright County

Cease unlawful discharges of pollutants to a water of the state and pay $5,500 penalty
Consent Order - 6904
Contact: John Crotty
BNW, Inc
West Chester, IA - Washington County

Submit necessary engineering information, pay outstanding fees, and pay $3,000 penalty for violations associated with construction of nursery building
Consent Order - 6915
Contact: Kelli Book
Roemhildt, Gary
Mason City, IA - Cerro Gordo County

Payment of $3,500 for asbestos violations
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6888
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Grant Walker, Harry Walker Walker Brothers Livestock, Corp
Washington, IA - Washington County

Prohibit future unlawful discharges of effluent and pay $10,000 penalty. Should the facility be operated in the future, responsible parties shall immediately comply with all laws and rules pertaining to animal confinement truck wash facilities
Consent Order - 6898
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Reilly Construction Co., Inc.
Ossian, IA - Winneshiek County

Submit Minor Source Emission Inventory to DNR and pay $2,500 penalty
Consent Order - 6907
Contact: Kelli Book
Wells Enterprises, Inc
Le Mars, IA - Plymouth County

Prohibition against unlawfully discharging a pollutant to any water of the state, pay $4,500 penalty and fish restitution and investigative costs of $980.
Consent Order - 6900
Contact: John Crotty
Clasing, Jay
Ruthven, IA - Palo Alto County

Comply with all laws and rules regarding the burning and disposal of solid wastes and pay a penalty of $2,000 for past violations
Consent Order - 6914
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Ag Air, LLC
Riverside, IA - Des Moines County

Comply with all laws and rules regarding the application of pesticides and pay $3,500 (fish restitution and investigative costs)
Consent Order - 6813
Contact: John Crotty
Lincolnway Energy, LLC
Nevada, IA - Story County

Comply with Miscellaneous Organic National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (MON NESHAP) and pay $10,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6880
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Knoblauch, Jim Jumpin' Jimmy's Bar & Grill
Montezuma, IA - Poweshiek County

Comply with all laws and rules regarding air quality and solid waste on properties owned or operated by Mr. Knoblauch and pay $10,000 penalty
Administrative Order - 6922
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Hull Cooperative Association
Hull, IA - Sioux County

Cease unlawful discharges to waters of the state, provide proper training to employees, pay penalty of $4,000 and fish restitution and investigative costs of $2,324
Consent Order - 6894
Contact: John Crotty
City of Linden
Linden, IA - Dallas County

Pay $1,000 penalty for failure to timely file for renewal of NPDES permit
Consent Order - 6866
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Honts, Cheryl & Terry
Nichols, IA - Muscatine County

Inability to pay determination
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6856
Contact: David Scott
JMD Oil Inc
West Liberty, IA - Cedar County

Comply with public water supply permit, immediately provide public notice for all past violations and pay $10,000 penalty
Administrative Order - 6895
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Kirchoff, Jeff
Manson, IA - Calhoun County

Revocation of drinking water and wastewater certifications
Consent Order - 6911
Contact: John Crotty
Anderson, Renae & Randy
Lime Springs, IA - Howard County

Order recognizes removal of underground storage tank system. Order requires payment of outstanding tank management fees of $2,420 and penalty payment of $500
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6837
Contact: David Scott
Hahn Investment Company
Muscatine, IA - Muscatine County

Submit 2016 Minor Source Emission Inventory to DNR and pay $2,500 penalty
Consent Order - 6906
Contact: Kelli Book
City of Pella
Pella, IA - Marion County

Amended compliance schedule for the completion of improvements to city's sanitary sewer collection system
Amendment to Consent Order - 6048
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Kingsley Sow, LLC
Kingsley, IA - Plymouth County

Develop and implement plan of action to ensure no further manure discharges at the facility. Order also requires payment of $3,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6913
Contact: Kelli Book
Grevengoed, Travis
Hull, IA - Sioux County

Pay $1,500 penalty for late submittal of manure management plan with an Iowa Phosphorus Index
Administrative Order - 6870
Contact: Kelli Book
Wernimont, Jason
Auburn, IA - Carroll County

DNR has deemed this facility to be a medium CAFO. Facility must submit appropriate permit applications or comply with alternate options provided by DNR. Must also pay $6,000 penalty
Administrative Order - 6845
Contact: Kelli Book
Kline, Kenneth
Missouri Valley, IA - Harrison County

Establish payment plan for payment of $10,000 penalty
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6738
Contact: Kelli Book
Philips, Terry dba TK Enterprises
Riverside, IA - Washington County

Penalty payment of $4,158 satisfies penalty obligation due.
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6347
Contact: Kelli Book
Heise, Scott dba TriCounty Tree Pros
Shell Rock, IA - Butler County

Cease open burning of solid wastes and pay $5,500 penalty
Administrative Order - 6679
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Faber, Keaven
Alton, IA - Sioux County

Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedure for proper manure control at facility, and pay $5,500 penalty for animal feeding and air quality (failure to conduct asbestos inspection prior to demolition of confinement building
Administrative Order - 6860
Contact: Kelli Book
Interstate Power and Light Company
Cedar Rapids, IA - Linn County

Remove requirements related to retired Sixth Street Generating Station and revise requirements for Prairie Creek Unit 4.
Amendment to Consent Order - 6910
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Buffington, Nile Buffs Iris City Truck Plaza, Inc.
Mount Pleasant, IA - Henry County

Pay $3,000 in past due tank management fees and a civil penalty of $500. All UST system components at the facility have been properly removed.
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6830
Contact: David Scott
W.C. Gretter and Sons, Inc.
Harper, IA - Keokuk County

Pay $5,000 penalty to resolve open burning and asbestos violations which occurred as a result of the demolition, burning and disposal of four buildings
Consent Order - 6883
Contact: Kelli Book
Shipley, Donald and James
Clemons, IA - Marshall County

Properly dispose of all remaining solid waste, conduct necessary cleanup at property, and pay $8,000 penalty
Administrative Order - 6890
Contact: David Scott
Cedar Ridge Vineyard, LLC
Swisher, IA - Johnson County

Cease unauthorized discharges of wastewater; submit plan for permanent proper disposal of non-domestic wastewater and, in the interim, haul wastewater to a permitted WWTP; and pay $4,700 penalty. Order also rescinds Administrative Order No. 2015-WW-09.
Consent Order - 6903
Contact: John Crotty
Clark Farms Ltd
Fredricksburg, IA - Chickasaw County

Cease land application of solid waste at property and pay $10,000 penalty.
Administrative Order - 6778
Contact: David Scott
Robert A. Nicholson, James D. Olchefski & dba Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park
Ottumwa, IA - Wapello County

Pay $5,000 penalty and submit Plan of Action detailing steps to be taken when demolishing trailers at mobile home park
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6673
Contact: Kelli Book
Knoblauch, Jim
Montezuma, IA - Poweshiek County

Cease open dumping of solid wastes and pay $2,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6896
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Porter, Gary & Lori
Lineville, IA - Wayne County

Immediately cease open burning and open dumping of solid wastes, properly remove all remaining solid waste, and pay $10,000 penalty
Administrative Order - 6891
Contact: David Scott
Harvester Land Holdings, L.C.
Ames, IA - Story County

Cease illegal discharges to waters of the State, comply with storm water permit (NPDES General Permit No. 2), and pay $3,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6832
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Holtz, Gary & Robin (Former Holtz Mini Mart)
Hornick, IA - Woodbury County

Payment of $500 penalty and outstanding tank fees of $1,060 in recognition of good faith efforts to remove UST system at facility
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6840
Contact: David Scott
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