State Park Alerts - Closures and Important Information
Backbone State Park - Delaware County
  • The flats playground is closed due to flooding until further notice. (Posted 7/25/2017)
Brushy Creek State Recreation Area - Webster County
  • ROAD CONSTRUCTION TO AFFECT ACCESS FROM NORTH. Hwy 20 is reduced to 2 lanes from Fort Dodge to Vasse Ave. From Union Ave. you are not permitted to enter the north lane. Those traveling from the west will be permitted to turn south on Union Ave (normal Brushy Creek exit). However you will not be able to head back west on Hwy 20 from Union Ave. You may go east only. Construction ends one mile east of Union Ave, you may turn back west at the next gravel road. Or take a detour by going west on 290th to county road P6D North to Hwy 20. For those coming from the east on Hwy 20 you will take a detour on county road R21 (Stagecoach Rd.), head south to 290th St. which will take you to the south entrance of the park. (Updated June 28, 2017)
Geode State Park - Henry County
  • The campground will be closed for the 2018 season for renovation. (Posted 7/21/17)
  • The campground will be closed for the 2018 season for renovation. (Posted 7/21/17)
  • Lake Restoration Project: The DNR may begin drawing the lake down as early as October 2017. The water will be drawn down no more than 1 foot per day. (Updated 7/21/17).
  • Shelter #1 has been taken off of the reservation system due to renovation of the shelter in the 2017 recreation season. Timing of this project will be dependent on the contractor, and the length of the project is unknown at this time. The shelter will be available for first come, first served use until actual work begins. For updates or further inquiries please check with the park office at (319) 392-4601. (Updated June 28, 2017)
  • The hiking trail on the west side of the lake between shelter #4 and Shelter #1 will be closed until further notice due to pond construction. (Updated June 28, 2017)
  • Lake Restoration Project: The DNR will start drawing the lake down as early as July 10th, 2017, but this may also be delayed. The water will be drawn down no more than 1 foot per day. Expect the water level to be lower some time after this date for the remainder of the 2017 camping season. The park and campground will still be open during this time. (UPDATED June 28, 2017)
Honey Creek State Park - Appanoose County
  • SOUTH SHOWER BUILDING CLOSURE: The south shower building is now open but the showers are still being remodeled. This means that the toilets and sinks are in use and the showers are not. The shower building remodel project will not be completed until further notice. This bulletin will be removed once the shower building has been completed. If you have a reservation before the shower building is completed you may use the north shower building during this time to shower. (Updated June 29, 2017)
Lake Darling State Park - Washington County
  • Cabin #5 is temporarily closed due to unexpected maintenance and will re-open August 6th. (Posted 7/19/2017)
  • CAMPSITE CLOSURE: Campsite 43 is unavailable for reservations for the 2017 camping season. (POSTED 1/6/2017)
Lake Macbride State Park - Johnson County
  • Alcohol is prohibited inside the fenced in designated beach area. Alcohol may not be possessed or consumed within the fenced designated beach area. (June 28, 2017)
Lake Manawa State Park - Pottawattamie County
  • CAMPGROUND REMOVED AND WILL BE A DAY USE AREA: On November 1, 2015 the campground at Lake Manawa State Park closed. The campground is currently being converted into a day use area and will be completed in the fall of 2017. The 5 shelters at the park are still be available. If you have any questions you may contact the Park Manager, Dan Jacobs at 712-366-0220. (Updated June 28, 2017)
Ledges State Park - Boone County
  • The Canyon Drive is currently closed to vehicle traffic due to a roadway failure, making vehicle passage unsafe. Visitors are welcome to hike into the Canyon at this time though. Parking is located both at the top (east) of Canyon Drive and the bottom (west) of Canyon Drive to access the area on foot from either direction. All other roads, parking lots, picnic areas, trails, the campground, and both open shelters remain open and accessible by vehicle. For updated information contact the park office at 515-432-1852. (updated 7/22/2017)
Palisades-Kepler State Park - Linn County
  • The lodge will be closed due to well maintenance until 2018. (Posted 7/25/2017)
  • Cabin Users: A campground renovation project will start on Friday, September 8, 2017. The cabins will still be available for reservations, but there may be additional noise and traffic from the contractors working on the campground. (Updated June 28, 2017)
  • Campground Closure: The campground will be closed from September 8, 2017 through November 30, 2017 due to a campground renovation project. If you have any questions you may contact Jim Hansen, Park Ranger at (319) 895-6039. (Updated June 28, 2017)
Pikes Peak State Park - Clayton County
  • The park received extensive tree damage from a tornado on 7/19/17. The campground and picnic areas are open and the power has been restored. The trails at the north end of the park (Point Ann Trail, Chinquapin Ridge Trail, and the Horn Hollow Trail are closed possibly the rest of this year. (Posted 7/20/17).
Pine Lake State Park - Hardin County
  • Cabin Closure: All four cabins will be unavailable for reservations from January 1, 2018 - February 28, 2018 due to repairing the fireplaces in each cabin. (Updated June 28, 2017)
Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area - Linn County
  • Campground 1 (campsites 1 - 27) will be closed and unavailable for advanced reservations starting on Wednesday, September 6 through October 31, 2017 due to an electrical upgrade in the campground. (UPDATED June 28,2017)
  • Effective, May 18th, 2016 the beach will be closed until the shoreline restoration project is completed and the lake refills. With the spring drawdown of the lake for shoreline work, the water’s edge is receded more than 75 feet from the current beach area and a significant drop off is exposed, creating unsafe conditions for the area. The shoreline restoration work is expected to be completed later this summer, given good weather conditions, and the lake is expected to fill in 2018. If you have any questions, please contact the park office at 319-436-7716. (Updated June 28, 2017)
Rock Creek State Park - Jasper County
  • Campsite Closure: Campsites 1 - 10 will be closed and unavailable for reservations through August 31, 2017. These campsites are being upgraded to 50 amp electric service. (Updated June 28, 2017)
Volga River State Recreation Area - Fayette County
  • EQUESTRIAN TRAIL CLOSURE: Effective Thursday,July 21st, 2017, the equestrian trails have been closed at Volga River State Recreation Area due to heavy rain. Trails will remain closed until crews have had a chance to repair exstensive damage done by heavy wind and rains. This bulletin will remain posted until the trails have re-opened.
Waubonsie State Park - Fremont County
  • As of 7/26/17 campsites 16-25 & 29-36 and the road to them will be closed in the Equestrian Campground. This notice will be removed when the road & campsites are open again. If you have questions please call the park office at 712-382-2786.
  • As of 7/26/17 the Equestrian Trails will be closed due to wet conditions. When the trails reopen this notice will be removed. For any questions please contact the park office at 712-382-2786.
Yellow River State Forest - Allamakee County
  • Roadwork Near Little Paint Campground: There will be minor roadwork occurring from June 30th, 2017 through October 31st, 2017. During this time you may experience a delay due to the roadwork, but the Little Paint campground will be accessible and camping will be allowed. The other three campgrounds (Big Paint, Creekside, and Frontier will not be affected by the roadwork (Updated June 29, 2017).