Solid Waste Section

Iowans generate 2.8 million tons of solid waste per year. Properly managing those waste streams is critical to protecting Iowa's land, water and air resources. To ensure environmental protection occurs, the DNR regulates solid waste facilities such as landfills, which are usually managed by cities and counties. As part of reporting requirements, local governments must establish comprehensive plans that outline their solid waste management system, provide alternatives such as recycling and composting, and set waste reduction goals.

This page provides resources for Iowa's solid waste facilities to achieve their planning and permitting requirements. 

The Solid Waste Database contains permitted facility information, including location, status, and contact information at each facility.  It also houses the Electronic Document Retrieval Report which allows users to open and view correspondence for each facility.


Resources and Information

Solid Waste Staff Roster

Solid Waste Management Factsheet

DNR Contact
Amie Davidson