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Triennial Review

Under the Clean Water Act, a state shall from time-to-time hold public meetings for the purpose of reviewing applicable water quality standards and, as appropriate, modifying and adopting standards. See Chapter 61: Water Quality Standards. This review includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Designated Uses:
    Any water body segment with a water quality standard that does not include A1, B(WW-1) shall be re-examined to determine if there is any new information available.
  • Criteria:
    New or old criteria for different constituents
  • Antidegradation:
    Protect existing water quality
The steps in this process will include the following:
  • DNR will initiate this process by meeting with our internal DNR stakeholder groups.
  • The department then seek public input regarding the Water Quality Standards and hold a public meeting(s) to gauge the interests of the public.
  • After all the public comments have been received, the department will reconvene its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to review the comments and offer thoughts and feedback on those issues. With current and on-going projects in mind, this group will help the DNR evaluate which issues are immediately pressing, which changes are realistic, and if some would be infeasible at present. This is not a consensus-based group, but rather a means to gauge the issues to help us more fully understand the priority and timing in making the appropriate changes to our Water Quality Standards. 
  • DNR will then prioritize issues based on TAC comments, feedback from DNR staff with experience in those areas, and public and stakeholder comments.  A Draft Triennial Review Process Summary and Work Plan will be prepared that identifies the selected goals for the next three years and details the process the department used to reach this determination.  A request for public feedback will be conducted and feedback received.  A Responsiveness Summary will also be prepared to address those comments. 
  • The Triennial Review process and its final results will be detailed in the Triennial Review Process Summary and Work Plan.  A link to those document will be provided after prepared.  The documents relating to the previous 2011-2014 Triennial Review period are below.  For those that would like to skip to just the final determinations, a Work Plan Only document has also been included. 
Triennial Review Process key documents:

Triennial Review Technical Advisory Meeting: June 29, 2011

For questions about the Triennial Review, pleast contact Rochelle Weiss:

Rochelle Weiss
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
502 East 9th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0034