Antidegradation refers to federal regulations designed to maintain and protect high quality waters and existing water quality in other waters from unnecessary pollution.

Background and Additional Reference
Introduction to Antidegradation  
Iowa Antidegradation Implementation Procedure (2-17-10)  
List of Scenarios  
Frequently Asked Questions  
EPA Interim Economic Guidance for Water Quality Standards  

Additional Antidegradation Resources
Forms and Information
Exhibit 9A - Preliminary Review of Antidegradation Alternatives Analysis
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Financial Worksheet - Blank Form
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Sample Public Notice
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Public and Interagency Contact List  
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Example Alternative Analysis for a Municipal Wastewater Facility
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Financial Worksheet - Completed Example
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Example Alternative Analysis for Cooling Tower Chemical Switch  
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Example Alternative Analysis for a New Industrial Contributor to a Municipal WWTP  
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Exhibit 3 - Waste Load Allocation Request Form and Instructions
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Iowa Surface Water Classifications
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Outstanding Iowa Waters (OIW) Maps - See document library at bottom of this page

 Process Charts
- Antidegradation Process when Construction is Needed 
- Antidegradation Process for a New Discharger without Construction 
- Antidegradation Process for an Amendment to an NPDES Permit 
- Antidegradation Process for NPDES Permit Renewals 
- Antidegradation Process for Wastewater Construction Projects 
Antidegradation Training Presentations - June 28, 2010
Antidegradation Workshop - Chuck Corell 
Background & Scenarios - Adam Schnieders 
Role of WES - Satya Chennupati 
Waste Load Allocation Form - Connie Dou 
Alternatives Analysis - Larry Bryant 
Affordability Analysis - Terry Kirschenman 
Exhibit 9b - Terry Kirschenman 
Antidegradation Flow Chart - Lori McDaniel 

Antidegradation Rulemaking Documents
Antidegradation Final Rule - Published 1/13/10  
Antidegradation Fiscal Impact Statement - Updated November 2008  
Regulatory Analysis for OIW - IAB published 10/21/09  
Antidegradation Public Comment Responsiveness Summary  
EPA Approval 9/30/10 

Questions? Contact:
Larry Bryant,; 515-725-8426
Connie Dou,; 515-725-8400

Outstanding Iowa Waters Map Iowa's Outstanding Waters
Download a printable map of overall locations of Iowa’s Outstanding Iowa Waters (OIW). For more detailed information about each specific stream, click on the individual OIW Maps shown below in the following table.

Outstanding Iowa Waters
total items   35   items x page            
Document DescriptionSize 
baronsprings.pdf Baron Springs, Clayton County378.00 KB
bearcreek.pdf Bear Creek, Benton and Buchanan Counties697.00 KB
bigcreek.pdf Mill Creek (aka Big Mill Creek), Jackson County413.00 KB
bigmillcreek.pdf Unnamed Creek (aka S. Fk. Big Mill), Jackson County413.00 KB
bigspirit.pdf Big Spirit Lake, Dickinson County355.00 KB
bloodyrun.pdf Bloody Run, Clayton County505.00 KB
brownfield.pdf Brownfield Creek, Clayton County518.00 KB
clearcreek.pdf Clear Creek, Allamakee County468.00 KB
coldwater.pdf Unnamed Creek (aka Cold Water Creek), Winneshiek County310.00 KB
deercreek.pdf Deer Creek, Worth County333.00 KB
dousman.pdf Dousman Creek, Allamakee County505.00 KB
duckcreek.pdf Duck Creek, Allamakee County470.00 KB
ensign.pdf Ensign Creek, Allamakee County447.00 KB
erickson.pdf Unnamed Creek (aka Erickson Spring Branch), Allamakee County450.00 KB
french.pdf French Creek, Allamakee County426.00 KB
gar.pdf Lower Gar Lake, Dickinson County387.00 KB
grannis.pdf Grannis Creek, Fayette County367.00 KB
jones.pdf Jones Creek, Allamakee County469.00 KB
kleinlein.pdf Kleinlein Creek, Clayton County378.00 KB
lime.pdf Lime Creek, Buchanan County451.00 KB
littlepaint.pdf Little Paint Creek, Allamakee County458.00 KB
ludlow.pdf Ludlow Creek, Allamakee County502.00 KB
mossey.pdf Mossey Creek, Clayton County409.00 KB
northbear.pdf North Bear Creek, Winneshiek County460.00 KB
pinecreek.pdf Pine Creek (aka South Pine Creek), Winneshiek County414.00 KB
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