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Wastewater Engineering

What's New 

Wastewater Lagoon Site Soil Testing Report Checklist (Updated 9/29/14)

The Wastewater Lagoon Site Soil Testing Report Checklist has been updated to include new contact information and mailing address for projects that should be sent to Iowa Geological Survey and the new DNR online map for Karst areas or potential Karst areas.

Antidegradation (Updated 7/17/13)

Exhibit 9A - Preliminary Review of Antidegradation Alternatives Analysis, has been modified to reflect a change to the antidegradation distribution list.  The Iowa Environmental Council has been identified as an interested party for all antidegradation reviews.  Applicants conducting an antidegradation analysis are to include the Iowa Environmental Council in the list of agencies/interested parties to be copied on the antidegradation public notice.          

Work Record Requests (Updated 11/19/12)

Effective immediately, all new work record requests for a DNR project manager assignment shall be submitted to Wastewater Engineering Section as an attachment in an email to The email subject line shall include Work Request – Facility – Work Title. An automated response will be sent to the requestor acknowledging DNR receipt of the work request. This is the result of continuous process improvements in partnership with our stakeholders.

Facility Plan Review Process Improvements (Updated 2/21/12) 

With the participation of industries, cities and consulting engineering firms the DNR recently undertook a process improvement event to look at ways to improve the way in which facility plans are reviewed.  A description of the event and a listing of immediate and long-term planned improvements are included in the following article:  DNR Improves Wastewater Facility Plan Review Process

Technical Assistance Hotline

As part of the process improvements, the DNR has implemented a toll-free wastewater technical assistance hotline for communities, industries, and engineers who do not already have a DNR reviewer assigned to them.  The toll free number is for both local (Des Moines calling area) and long-distance callers:

  • Toll Free Long Distance Number:  855-256-9287 (855-CLN-WATR) 
  •  Local Number (515 prefix):  515-725-9287

New Process Procedures

The following new or revised procedures and documents are now effective:

  • An updated Preliminary Review of Facility Plan Checklist (Exhibit 9B) for use by the department and applicants in determining the completeness of a facility plan submittal is now available.
  • A self-assessment permitting decision matrix to assist applicants in determining what submittals are required for wastewater projects is now available.    
  • A new applicant-submitted Work Request Form to identify critical information and initiate DNR review of proposed wastewater improvements.  Please email the completed form attached in an email to  
  • Site Survey Procedures:  The site survey process was revamped to increase flexibility.  A site survey may be requested at any time during the planning process.  Further, site survey request and submittals may be submitted directly to the respective DNR field office personnel with a copy of the request submitted to DNR Wastewater Engineering Section review staff.    
  • Waste Load Allocation (WLA) Request:  The WLA Request form has been updated to improve content, and submittals for construction projects may now be submitted to Water Resources staff directly provided that proposed flows and loadings have been approved by DNR Wastewater Engineering staff.
  • Design Schedule G:  Treatment Project Design Data.  Schedule G has been updated to improve content and instructions to ensure appropriate information including supporting documentation is conveyed to DNR staff to reduce turnaround time.
  • Land Application Permit Manual:  A new manual has been developed to assist applicants proposing land application of wastewater.
  • Fast Track Fact Sheet:  A new informational sheet listing criteria that will enable faster turnaround times for wastewater project facility plan reviews and approvals.
  • A new Wastewater Lagoon Site Soil Testing Report Checklist.  The purpose of this checklist is to outline submittal requirements for soil testing reports submitted to the DNR for proposed construction of wastewater treatment lagoons or other earthen basins which will hold wastewater or biosolids.         

New Downloads


 Form #




Exhibit 9A - Preliminary Review of Antidegradation Alternatives Analysis, Updated 7/13   Exhibit 9A  Exhibit 9A  
Exhibit 9B - Preliminary Review of Facility Plan Checklist, Updated 1/12   Exhibit 9B Exhibit 9B  
Self-Assessment Matrix, New 1/12          Self-Assessment Self-Assessment
Self-Assessment Instructions, New 1/12   Self-Assessment Instructions Self-Assessment Instructions  
Work Record Request Submittal, New 11/12     Work Record Request Work Record Request
Work Record Request Instructions, New 11/12   Work Record Instructions Work Record Instructions  
Wasteload Allocation Form and Instructions, Updated 11/14   WLA Form WLA Form  
Design Schedule G: Treatment Project Design Data, Updated 10/11  542-3100 Schedule G  Schedule G  
Land Application Permit Manual, New 2/12   Land Application Manual Land Application Manual   
Fast Track Fact Sheet, New 1/12   Fast Track Sheet Fast Track Sheet   
Wastewater Lagoon Site Soil Testing Report Checklist, Updated 9/14 Soil Testing Report Checklist Soil Testing Report Checklist  


Technical Documents

The following technical documents have been added to our Design Guidance Documents page:

  • Assessment No. 11-01 SAGR Treatment
  • April 2011 Controlled Discharge Lagoon Effluent Data Study
  • Controlled Discharge Lagoon Data Presentation (observed effluent data through Fall 2011)
  • Geotechnical Reviews Presentation by Iowa Geological and Water Survey (2/21/12)      

About the Wastewater Engineering Section

Satya Chennupati, P.E., Section Supervisor

 The Wastewater Engineering Section issues wastewater construction permits. Permits are required for the construction of any municipal and industrial treatment and collection facilities that discharge treated wastewater to a river or stream. This section also reviews and issues construction permits for wastewater reclamation projects and non-discharging animal feeding operations. Wastewater construction permits are required for small on-site wastewater disposal systems that commonly serve developments or small areas in the treatment of domestic wastewater. Some larger cities have accepted delegation of responsibility for the review of sewer extensions.

Finally, the section administers the Wastewater State Revolving Fund Loan Program offering communities and sanitary districts low interest loans for the construction of wastewater treatment and collection system improvements.

Should you have any questions regarding the construction permit application process please contact Terry Kirschenman at or at 515-725-8422.

Should you have any questions regarding the CWSRF loan application process please contact Satya Chennupati at or at 515-725-8436.