Construction Permits

Construction, installation or modification of any wastewater disposal system including sanitary sewer extensions requires a construction permit issued by the Department.  Review of applications for construction permits shall be based on the criteria contained in the "Iowa Wastewater Facilities Design Standards," the Ten States Standards, applicable federal guidelines and standards, standard textbooks, current technical literature and applicable safety standards. To the extent of any conflict between the above criteria the "Iowa Wastewater Facilities Design Standards" standards shall prevail (567 IAC 64.2(9)).

A construction permit shall not be required for storm sewers or storm water disposal systems that transport only storm water, any new disposal system or extension or addition to any existing disposal system that receives only domestic or sanitary sewage from a building, housing or occupied by 15 persons or less.

Applications for a construction permit must be submitted to the Department at least 120 days in advance of the date of start of construction. The Department will issue a construction permit within 60 days of receipt of a complete application or denying the construction permit in writing unless a longer review period is required and the applicant is so notified in writing. The construction permit shall expire if construction has not commenced within one year of the date of issuance thereof. The Department may grant an extension of time to commence construction if it is necessary or justified.


Applicable rules for wastewater construction permitting are located in Chapter 567 IAC 64 of the Iowa Administrative Code.  The current Iowa Wastewater Facilities Design Standards are located on the Design Standards Webpage.

Work Record Requests   

For assignment of a construction permitting project to DNR staff a work record request must be submitted.  All new work record requests for a DNR project manager assignment shall be submitted to Wastewater Engineering Section as an attachment in an email to The email subject line shall include Work Request – Facility – Work Title. An automated response will be sent to the requestor acknowledging DNR receipt of the work request.

Permit Process Documents





Self-Assessment Matrix, New 1/12   Self-Assessment Self-Assessment 
Self-Assessment Instructions, New 1/12 Self-Assessment Instructions Self-Assessment Instructions
Work Record Request, New 11/12   Work Record Request Work Record Request 
Work Record Request Instructions, New 11/12 Work Record Request Instructions Work Record Request Instructions  
Land Application Permit Manual, New 2/12 Land Application Manual Land Application Manual  
 Fast Track Fact Sheet, New 1/12 Fast Track Sheet Fast Track Sheet  
Wastewater Lagoon Site Soil Testing Report Checklist, Updated 9/14 Soil Testing Report Checklist Soil Testing Report Checklist   

Permitting Process Manual Documents  

  Form # DOC PDF
Wastewater Engineering Construction Permitting Process Manual, Updated 1/14   Manual Manual
Wastewater Construction Permitting Process Flow Chart, Updated 9/10     Construction Flow Chart
Wastewater Construction Antidegradation Process Flow Chart, Updated 9/10     Antidegradation Flow Chart
Exhibit 1:  Planning and Design Loan Fact Sheet   Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2: Project Initiation Meeting Sample Agenda, Updated 2/16      Exhibit 2 Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3: Waste Load Allocation Form and Instructions     Exhibit 3 Exhibit 3
Exhibit 4: Facility Planning Scope of Study Checklist      Exhibit 4 Exhibit 4
Exhibit 5: SRF Environmental Review Checklist   Exhibit 5
Exhibit 6: SRF Environmental Review Public Hearing Notice Example   Exhibit 6
Exhibit 7: SRF Environmental Review Public Hearing Checklist   Exhibit 7
Exhibit 8: CWSRF Intended Use Plan Application   Exhibit 8
Exhibit 9A: Preliminary Review of Antidegradation Alternatives Analysis, Updated 3/15   Exhibit 9A
Exhibit 9A
Exhibit 9B: Preliminary Review of Facility Plan Checklist, Updated 1/12      Exhibit 9B Exhibit 9B
Exhibit 10A: 60 Percent Preliminary Plan and Specification Submittal - Sewers and Force Mains, Updated 9/10      Exhibit 10A Exhibit 10A
Exhibit 10B: 60 Percent Preliminary Plan and Specification Submittal - Wastewater Pumping Station, Updated 9/10      Exhibit 10B Exhibit 10B
Exhibit 10C: 60 Percent Preliminary Plan and Specification Submittal - Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Updated 9/10      Exhibit 10C Exhibit 10C
Exhibit 11A: Design Schedule A, Updated 9/10    542-3129 Exhibit 11A Exhibit 11A
Exhibit 11B: Design Schedule F  542-3099 Exhibit 11B Exhibit 11B
Exhibit 11C: Design Schedule G, Updated 10/11 542-3100 Exhibit 11C Exhibit 11C
Exhibit 12: Instructions for Compliance with SRF Cross-Cutters - Bidding and Procurement Process including Davis-Bacon and American Iron and Steel requirements      Exhibit 12
Exhibit 12a: SRF Required Front-End Specifications including Davis-Bacon and American Iron and Steel requirements      Exhibit 12a
Exhibit 13: CWSRF Bid Document Checklist   Exhibit 13
Exhibit 14: CWSRF Extended Financing Worksheet   Exhibit 14
Exhibit 15: SRF Construction Loans Fact Sheet, Added 2/09   Exhibit 15

 Permit Application Forms 

  Form # DOC PDF
Application Fee Form, Updated 6/11   542-1245 Fee Form Fee Form
Sewage Treatment Agreement Form 542-3219 Treatment Agreement Treatment Agreement
Schedule A: General Information 542-3129 Schedule A Schedule A
Schedule B: Collection System 542-3095 Schedule B Schedule B
Schedule C: Lateral Sewer Extension  542-3096 Schedule C Schedule C
Schedule D: Trunk and Interceptor Sewer   542-3097

Schedule D

Schedule D
Schedule E: Wastewater Pump Station   542-3098 Schedule E Schedule E
Schedule F: Treatment Project Site Selection   542-3099 Schedule F Schedule F
Schedule G: Treatment Project Design Data, Updated 10/11   542-3100 Schedule G Schedule G
Schedule H1: Schematic Flow Diagram   542-3101 Schedule H1 Schedule H1
Schedule H2: Treatment Process Removal   542-3102 Schedule H2 Schedule H2
Schedule H3: Mechanical Plant Reliability   542-3239 Schedule H3 Schedule H3
Schedule I: Screening, Grit Removal and Flow Measurement   542-3089 Schedule I Schedule I
Schedule J: Septic Tank System   542-3090 Schedule J Schedule J
Schedule K1: Controlled Discharge Pond  542-3091 Schedule K1 Schedule K1
Schedule K2: Aerated Pond   542-3092 Schedule K2 Schedule K2
Schedule K3: Anaerobic Lagoon   542-3093 Schedule K3 Schedule K3
Schedule L: Settling Tanks   542-3094 Schedule L Schedule L
Schedule M: Fixed Film Reactor-Stationary Media   542-3081 Schedule M Schedule M
Schedule N: Rotating Biological Contractor   542-3082 Schedule N Schedule N
Schedule O: Aeration Tanks or Basins  542-3083 Schedule O Schedule O
Schedule P: Gas Chlorination   542-3084 Schedule P Schedule P
Schedule Q: Sludge Digestion and Holding   542-3085 Schedule Q Schedule Q
Schedule R1: Sludge Dewatering and Disposal   542-3086 Schedule R1 Schedule R1
Schedule R2a: Low Rate Land Application of Sludge Part I 542-3087 Schedule R2a Schedule R2a
Schedule R2b: Low Rate Land Application of Sludge Part II   542-3088 Schedule R2b Schedule R2b