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Educator Workshops

American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS)
AWLS allows educators of all types (teachers, scout leaders; etc.) to experience a variety of outdoor skills. If you are inexperienced in the outdoors and always wanted to learn, or if you are already at a higher level of outdoor skill, and want to learn more, AWLS is for you. 

Basic Shotgun Coaches Certification Training Course
This course is designed to teach basic shotgun coaching techniques and team management fundamentals for leading youth trap, sporting clays and/or skeet teams. It is designed for experienced shooters/coaches and novices alike. Course content includes an overview of the Scholastic Clay Target Program and Iowa High School clay target shooting, safety, range orientation and setup, eye dominance, gun-fit, coaching fundamentals, teaching the new shooter, risk management, coaching logistics and equipment. 

Exploring Iowa’s Natural Resources On-line Course
January 19 – May 3, 2015

The goal of this course is to help you utilize local natural resources as unifying themes to implement a STEM-based approach in your curriculum. You will work in small groups and individually to create a network of contacts and resources to teach natural resource concepts. Group and individual assignments will build on each other throughout the course.

The course is arranged on a weekly basis. Each week a new Module (with required readings, resources and references, assignments, and occasional guest speaker discussions) will become available. Each module is designed to introduce you to a specific environmental education topic, strategy or skill. You will only have access to the current Module to complete assignments. Modules that have been completed will be visible the remainder of the class so you can go access previous assignment postings and resources.

You are required to spend 4-5 hours per week on-line completing assignments and participating in group discussions. You should be comfortable navigating web pages, have access to internet and a computer on a daily basis, and possess basic computer skills.

Registration deadline is January 12, 2015 - you must register electronically Registration fee includes materials and 3 license renewal credit for $225. This course is being offered by AEA PD Online, a joint initiative by all of Iowa's Area Education Agencies. This course therefore uses AEA PD Online's alternative fee schedule for license renewal credit. Transcripts and credit will be issued by AEA PD Online instead of Heartland AEA.

For more information, contact
Shannon Hafner, Aquatic Education Program, (641) 747-2200.

Fish Iowa!
Materials are available to Iowa educators and youth leaders only through training sessions (one-on one) and workshops. Email the Aquatic Education Program to locate a Fish Iowa! trainer near you.

IOWATER Introductory Workshops
IOWATER is a statewide volunteer water quality monitoring program. Introductory workshops are open to any individual or group that is interested in water quality. A variety of session settings, held both indoors and outdoors, will contain topics such as starting a monitoring plan, the "why-tos" and "how-tos" of water monitoring, what to do with the data, networking with others concerned about water quality, and some muddy fun!

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be a certified IOWATER Citizen Monitor. The workshop is based on eight hours training; exact times varying depending on location. Workshop registration fee is $20, which covers all program fees, meals, and testing equipment. Group registration fee is $30 for up to three people; ten dollars for each additional person.

National Archery in the Schools Program Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) 
The Iowa DNR provides NASP Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) training throughout the state to teachers and archery program organizers. Training is provided at no cost to teachers conducting NASP programs as part of a 2 week in-school course. To start a NASP program in your school, to schedule or sign up for training, or for questions on NASP in Iowa, contact Donise Petersen, Shooting Sports Outreach Coordinator for the Iowa DNR at 515-205-8709.

Projects WILD, Aquatic WILD, & Learning Tree
WILD, Aquatic WILD , and Project Learning Tree materials are available to formal and nonformal educators through workshops on request for groups of at least 15 educators and/or youth leaders.

Workshops also are provided through several colleges and universities. At the workshop, participants will be introduced to several activities as well as to suggested teaching techniques, ideas for using the activities, and philosophies behind the programs.

Email the WILD/PLT coordinator to receive email notification of upcoming training opportunities.