Fishing Atlas

The new Fishing Atlas is an interactive map that shows contours for 200 county and state lakes along with 1,500 fish structure locations. It also includes road maps, lakes amenities and topography. The search function allows you to quickly zoom in on the lake of your choice.

Fishing Atlas - Plan your next fishing trip!

Downloadable Fishing Structures File for GPS

Iowa DNR maintains a catalog of habitat structures installed in Iowa lakes, as well as other important features. This data is available via downloadable GPX file. Right click and choose "save target as" or "save as", and save the file to your computer (not to your device's card). When saving, change from XML file type to All Files, and type in .gpx at the end of the FishingStructures file name. After saving to your computer, you should be able to add the data to your GPS.

Catalog of Habitat Structures - Download as GPX

The saved file "FishingStructures.gpx" should be universally useable on most GPS units.

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