NPDES General Permit # 5 for Mining and Processing Facilities

Description of General Permit #5

General Permit #5 (GP #5) authorizes discharges from facilities primarily engaged in mining or quarrying to waters throughout the State of Iowa.  GP #5 was reissued on July 20, 2016.  The types of discharges authorized under GP #5 include:

  • wash water,
  • materials transport water,
  • scrubber water used for air pollution control,
  • water used for dust suppression,
  • mine or quarry dewatering, and
  • non-contact cooling water used for cooling of crusher bearings, drills, saws, dryers, pumps and air compressors.

The facilities covered by General Permit #5 may be primarily engaged in mining or quarrying the following:

  • dimension stone (SIC 1411),
  • crushed and broken limestone (SIC 1422),
  • construction sand and gravel (SIC 1442), or
  • clay, ceramic, and refractory minerals not elsewhere classified (SIC 1459) except bentonite and magnesite.

The previous version of General Permit #5 expired on July 19, 2016. The new version took effect on July 20, 2016. All facilities who wish to continue their coverage under GP5 must submit a Notice of Intent for Coverage no later than January 15, 2017, using the NOI form linked below.

Forms for General Permit #5

NPDES General Permit #5 - Mining and Processing Facilities
DNR Form # Form Type and Link
General Permit #5     PDF File Format
NOI for General Permit #5
542-4006 DOC File Format PDF File Format
General Permit #5 - Annual Monitoring Report 542-8035 DOC File Format PDF File Format
General Permit #5 - Notice of Discontinuation 542-8038 DOC File Format PDF File Format
General Permit #5 - Fee Invoice 542-1257 DOC File Format PDF File Format
General Permit #5 - Frequently Asked Questions     PDF File Format

Fees for General Permit #5

A permitted facility has the option of submitting an annual fee, or a three, four, or five-year fee as follows:

  • Annual Permit Fee: $125 (per year)
  • Three-year Permit Fee: $300
  • Four-year Permit Fee: $400
  • Five-year Permit Fee: $500

Fees are to be submitted by August 30 each year unless a multiple year fee payment was paid in an earlier year. New facilities seeking general permit #5 coverage in any month except August shall submit fees with the Notice of Intent for coverage. Coverage provided by the five-year, four-year, and three-year permit fees expires no later than the expiration date of the general permit. Maximum coverage is five years, four years, and three years, respectively. In the event a facility is no longer eligible to be covered under general permit #5, the remainder of the fees previously paid by the facility would be applied toward its individual permit fee.

Questions on General Permit #5

For more information on General Permit #5, please contact:
Julie Faas,, 515-725-8409
David Schelling,, 515-725-8407