Becoming an Iowa DNR License Vendor

Are you interested in becoming an Iowa DNR license agent? 
At this time, we are unable to fulfill requests to be a license agent due to a limited supply of equipment. A waitlist has been established for interested parties and we are unable to give an exact time frame when additional agents will be added. 

Parties still interested in becoming an Iowa DNR license agent are encouraged to contact DNR Customer Service for more information via Phone: (515) 725-8200 or Email:

License Vendor Resources

**NEW** Go Outdoors Iowa Licensing System Information


Newsletters containing general licensing information, sent annually in August and December.

Below are resources provided to our license agents.


License Vendor Supplies

DNR publications and regulations can be ordered via your ELSI touchscreen by selecting "supplies" and "place an order." 

If you do not see the item(s) you are requesting on the supply screen, please send your item(s) request to DNR Customer Service via Email: or Phone: (515) 725-8200.


DNR’s New Online Hunting and Fishing License System Launched February 26, 2019

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR’s) new licensing system was upgraded on February 26, 2019 to the Go Outdoors Iowa Licensing System.

If your location has not had a representative that attended the training, please email or call 515-725-8200 for further direction. Be sure to include your full name, Agent Location Name, Agent ID, and contact information.

Equipment Helpdesk

Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 6:00pm the Go Outdoors Iowa equipment helpdesk is available to assist our vendors by calling 833-426-0141.

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