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NPDES Section Staff Roster

NPDES Section Administration

Wiklund, Eric - Supervisor, NPDES Section.
Telephone: 515-725-0313, email: Eric.Wiklund@dnr.iowa.gov

Lasnek, Mark - Clerk, Storm Water program administration, Individual NPDES permit applications, special projects.
Telephone: 515-725-3403, email: Mark.Lasnek@dnr.iowa.gov

NPDES Storm Water General Permits

Griffin, Joe - Storm Water Program Coordinator, General Permits #1 (Industrial storm water), #2 (Construction storm water), and #3 (Other Industrial storm water), Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits, Storm water permit fees, Online Storm Water General Permits Database.
Telephone: 515-725-8417, email: Joe.Griffin@dnr.iowa.gov

NPDES Wastewater Permits

Individual NPDES Permit Coordination:

Cswercko, Courtney - Database Administration (NPDS and WWPIE), Rulemaking, Individual NPDES Permit Fees.
Telephone: 515-725-8411, email: Courtney.Cswercko@dnr.iowa.gov

Industrial Permitting, including general permits for Mining, Quarrying, Well Construction, Pesticides, Hydrostatic Testing, Ballasting, Water Lines, Dewatering and Residential Geothermal systems:

Hieb, Wendy - Industrial Permit Coordinator, water treatment plant wastewater permits, state operation permits, General Permits #6 (Wells), #7 (Pesticides), #8 (Hydrostatic Testing, Ballasting, and Water Lines) and #9 (Dewatering and Residential Geothermal), GP 5, 8, & 9 Database.
Telephone: 515-725-8405, email: Wendy.Hieb@dnr.iowa.gov

McCoy, Melinda - Individual industrial permits, water treatment plant wastewater permits, General Permit #7 (Pesticides).
Telephone: 515-725-8402, email: Melinda.McCoy@dnr.iowa.gov

Schelling, David - Individual industrial permits, water treatment plant wastewater permits, General Permit #5 (Mining and Quarries).
Telephone: 515-725-8407, email: David.Schelling@dnr.iowa.gov

Schiel-Larson, Deb - Individual industrial permits, water treatment plant wastewater permits.
Telephone: 515-725-8361, email: Deb.Schiel-larson@dnr.iowa.gov

Municipal and Semipublic Permitting:

Hucka, Ben - Municipal and Semipublic Permit Coordinator, pretreatment program, combined sewer overflows, treatment agreements.
Telephone: 515-725-8406, email: Ben.Hucka@dnr.iowa.gov

Faas, Julie - Municipal pretreatment program and treatment agreements.
Telephone: 515-725-8409, email: Julie.Faas@dnr.iowa.gov

Lodden, Karen - Municipal and Semipublic permits.
Telephone: 515-725-8416, email: Karen.Lodden@dnr.iowa.gov

Mueller, Marlon - AFO NPDES Permits, Municipal and Semipublic permits.
Telephone: 515-725-8410, email: Marlon.Mueller@dnr.iowa.gov

Olive, Ryan - Municipal and Semipublic permits.
Telephone: 515-725-1235, email: Ryan.Olive@dnr.iowa.gov

Seda, Ann - Municipal and Semipublic permits.
Telephone: 515-725-8418, email: Ann.Seda@dnr.iowa.gov

Private Septic Systems (Onsite) Wastewater

Frank, Cory - Onsite Wastewater Program Coordinator, Onsite Wastewater Assistance Programs, Time of Transfer Program, County Sanitarian Contact, Septic Pumper Licensing, General Permit #4 (Private Sewage Disposal).
Telephone: 515-725-8404, email: Cory.Frank@dnr.iowa.gov

Grotheer, Tim - Onsite Wastewater Assistance Programs, Septic Pumper Licensing, General Permits #4 (Private Sewage Disposal) and #5 (Mining and Quarries), GP 5, 8, & 9 Database.
Telephone: 515-725-8414, email: Tim.Grotheer@dnr.iowa.gov