Iowa Outdoors Magazine

Spring 2022

Crane Comeback
Once common, then gone from Iowa by the late 1800s due to habitat loss and overharvest, sandhill cranes are reclaiming their historic range.
Story by Brian Button, Photos by Mark Lasnek, Karl Fliris

From Billions to None
In the greatest extinction story of human history, trains and telegraphs were key to the beginning of a quick end for billions of passenger pigeons. Have humans remembered?
Story by Dr. Stanley Temple

Fishing Forecast
Anglers have become accustomed to the greatest fishing state-wide in history. This year let's explore newer upgrades across our waters. So get busy exploring and wet a line. Fun awaits!
Story by Shannon Hafner

Albino Robin
An oddly marked robin observed coming and going for several years begs the questions? Just how old is this bird and where does it go?
Story by JIm Zohrer

Letting Rivers Run
See how low-head river dams are being removed or modified to create whitewater, fun, safer angler access, beatuy and to free rivers for migrating fish and freshwater mussels.
Story by Haley Knudsen, Nate Hoogeveen

Spring Migrators
See how two magnificient migrators-monarchs and purple martins-inspire those around them.

Harvesting History
A growing trend uses local tree trunks and small, craft sawmills to grow businesses and produce superb lumer for beautiful, unique furnishings. It pays homage to old, historic trees while reclaiming early Iowa history not many are aware of-Iowa was once "lumber campital of the world."
Story by Shannon Hafner

Outdoor Skills
From bargain, quality trees to tick removal, dutch oven tips to hooking big fish, we've got you covered.

Lost in Iowa
See why Van Buren County beckons spring visitors. From rural life devoid of chain stores and even a single stop light-come here for morels, turkeys, fishing, a state park, state forest and oodles of local goodies.

My Backyard
Set some deep roots in Iowa with native plantings in your yard. Learn the benefits of native turf grass to replace non-native lawn grasses and see how low you can go with ultra-deep rooted prairie natives.

Notes from the Field
See how DNR environmental stafff work with your state parks to protecg, enhance and keep users and the location safe.


Editorial Mission

We strive to open the door to the beauty and uniqueness of Iowa's natural resources, inspire people to get outside and experience Iowa and to motivate outdoor-minded citizens to understand and care for our natural resources.

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