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Understanding Watershed Management Plans

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A Watershed Management Plan is an important tool for any group looking to improve their local lake, river or stream.

Put simply, a Watershed Management Plan (WMP) identifies water quality problems in your watershed, proposes solutions, and creates a strategy for putting those solutions in action. Watershed Management Plans take a long-term, comprehensive approach, which has proven to be successful in a number of watersheds.

Like a road map directing you from the start to finish of your effort, it helps you create a strategic, targeted plan for making changes in your watershed.

Detailed information on creating a WMP:

For more information, see the Contact Watershed Staff Page

Approved Watershed Management Plans

Map of approved plans

Basin Water Quality Plans 

Other Available Plans

Watershed Assessment Plans

  • Three Mile Lake - rural lake and water supply reservoir, south central Iowa
  • Dry Run Creek - primarily urban stream with biological impairment in northeast Iowa (Cedar Falls)
  • Eldred Sherwood Lake - rural lake with algal impairment in north central Iowa (also as "Indian Lake")
  • PENDING - Trout Run Watershed Plan (Siewers Spring and Chuck Gipp Decorah Hatchery Protection Plan)