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DNR Air Quality Bureau Records Center

Contact Information

502 E. 9th St.
Des Moines, IA 50319

Phone: 515-210-6071

Online Searches

Most people discover they can readily find the records information they want. Please check out the links below to find the most sought-after information.

OpenText is DNR's electronic records storage system. Records information contained in Open Text is accessed through a web-based interface called Document Search:

Note: Searching in Open Text with Document Search by facility number is the best way to obtain the full record. Please contact the Air Quality Records Center (by email to DNR AQB Records or call 515-210-6071) if you do not know the facility number.

EASY Air Public Inquiry Portal: Permits and applications submitted in EASY Air.

Construction Permits: Air construction permits by city, county or facility name.

Operating Permits: Draft and final Title V operating permits.

Ambient Air Monitoring Data: Reports on current and historical air quality measurements.

Air Emissions: Air emissions and trends in air emissions.

Iowa Administrative Rules for Air Quality: See section 567, chapters 20 - 35.

Records Requests

Requests for DNR public records may be made using the Iowa Information and Public Records Request Portal at

In addition, requests for air quality public records may be e-mailed to DNR AQB Records, made by phone to 515-210-6071 or mailed to DNR Air Quality, Wallace State Office Building, 502 E. Ninth St., Des Moines, Iowa 50319.

In-person requests for public records can be made at the DNR Main Records Center or the Air Quality Records Center, both located in the Wallace State Office Building. You must make an appointment to view air quality public records prior to coming to the building to ensure records staff is available. Schedule your appointment by emailing DNR AQB Records or calling 515-210-6071.

To obtain public records for non-air quality program areas or fees associated with some records requests, please go to DNR Records Center.